Struct confget::defs::Config[][src]

pub struct Config {
Show 14 fields pub backend: BackendKind, pub filename: Option<String>, pub list_all: bool, pub match_regex: bool, pub match_var_names: bool, pub match_var_values: Option<String>, pub name_prefix: String, pub name_suffix: String, pub section: String, pub section_override: bool, pub section_specified: bool, pub shell_escape: bool, pub show_var_name: bool, pub varnames: Vec<String>,
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Configuration settings for the confget functions.

This is the main way to control the behavior of a backend’s read_file method, the read_ini_file function, and the format::filter_vars function: specify what file to read, what variables to extract from it, and how to format them.


backend: BackendKind

The configuration backend to use.

filename: Option<String>

The (backend-specific) filename to read data from.

list_all: bool

Formatting: select all the variables in the specified section.

match_regex: bool

Formatting: treat the variable match patterns as regular expressions instead of glob ones.

match_var_names: bool

Formatting: treat varnames as a list of patterns, not exact variable names.

match_var_values: Option<String>

Formatting: only select variables with values that match a pattern.

name_prefix: String

Formatting: specify a string to prepend to the variable name.

name_suffix: String

Formatting: specify a string to append to the variable name.

section: String

Formatting: select variables from the specified section.

section_override: bool

Formatting: read variables from the initial section (“”), then override their values with variables from the one specified by the section field.

section_specified: bool

Formatting: if section is an empty string and there are no variables in the initial section, do not select the first section defined in the file.

shell_escape: bool

Formatting: make the output values suitable for parsing by Bourne-like shells.

show_var_name: bool

Formatting: always display the variable name.

varnames: Vec<String>

Formatting: select variable names or patterns to display.


A deprecated alias for Config::default().

Trait Implementations

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Initialize a Config object with default values.

This is the recommended way to use the Config struct: only override the settings that must be overridden.

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