Trait combine::StreamOnce [] [src]

pub trait StreamOnce {
    type Item: Clone + PartialEq;
    type Range: Clone + PartialEq;
    type Position: Clone + Ord;
    type Error: ParseError<Self::Item, Self::Range, Self::Position>;
    fn uncons(&mut self) -> Result<Self::Item, StreamErrorFor<Self>>;

    fn is_partial(&self) -> bool { ... }

StreamOnce represents a sequence of items that can be extracted one by one.

Associated Types

The type of items which is yielded from this stream.

The type of a range of items yielded from this stream. Types which do not a have a way of yielding ranges of items should just use the Self::Item for this type.

Type which represents the position in a stream. Ord is required to allow parsers to determine which of two positions are further ahead.

Required Methods

Takes a stream and removes its first item, yielding the item and the rest of the elements. Returns Err if no element could be retrieved.

Provided Methods

Returns true if this stream only contains partial input.

See PartialStream.

Implementations on Foreign Types

impl<'a> StreamOnce for &'a str



impl<'a, T> StreamOnce for &'a [T] where
    T: Clone + PartialEq