[][src]Struct colored::control::ShouldColorize

pub struct ShouldColorize { /* fields omitted */ }

A flag to to if coloring should occur.


impl ShouldColorize[src]

pub fn from_env() -> Self[src]

Reads environment variables and checks if output is a tty to determine whether colorization should be used or not. CLICOLOR_FORCE takes highest priority, followed by NO_COLOR, followed by CLICOLOR combined with tty check.

pub fn should_colorize(&self) -> bool[src]

Returns if the current coloring is expected.

pub fn set_override(&self, override_colorize: bool)[src]

Use this to force colored to ignore the environment and always/never colorize

pub fn unset_override(&self)[src]

Remove the manual override and let the environment decide if it's ok to colorize

Trait Implementations

impl Default for ShouldColorize[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

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