Trait clap::Args

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pub trait Args: FromArgMatches + Sized {
    fn augment_args(app: App<'_>) -> App<'_>;
fn augment_args_for_update(app: App<'_>) -> App<'_>; }
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Parse a set of arguments into a user-defined container.

Implementing this trait lets a parent container delegate argument parsing behavior to Self. with:

  • #[clap(flatten)] args: ChildArgs: Attribute can only be used with struct fields that impl Args.
  • Variant(ChildArgs): No attribute is used with enum variants that impl Args.

See the derive reference for attributes and best practices.

NOTE: Deriving requires the derive feature flag


struct Args {
   logging: LogArgs,

struct LogArgs {
   #[clap(long, short = 'v', parse(from_occurrences))]
   verbose: i8,

Required methods

Append to App so it can instantiate Self.

See also IntoApp.

Append to App so it can update self.

This is used to implement #[clap(flatten)]

See also IntoApp.

Implementations on Foreign Types