Trait cipher::BlockEncrypt[][src]

pub trait BlockEncrypt: BlockCipher {
    fn encrypt_block(&self, block: &mut Block<Self>);

    fn encrypt_par_blocks(&self, blocks: &mut ParBlocks<Self>) { ... }
fn encrypt_blocks(&self, blocks: &mut [Block<Self>]) { ... } }

Encrypt-only functionality for block ciphers.

Required methods

fn encrypt_block(&self, block: &mut Block<Self>)[src]

Encrypt block in-place

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Provided methods

fn encrypt_par_blocks(&self, blocks: &mut ParBlocks<Self>)[src]

Encrypt several blocks in parallel using instruction level parallelism if possible.

If ParBlocks equals to 1 it’s equivalent to encrypt_block.

fn encrypt_blocks(&self, blocks: &mut [Block<Self>])[src]

Encrypt a slice of blocks, leveraging parallelism when available.

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl<Alg: BlockEncrypt> BlockEncrypt for &Alg[src]

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