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Byteplug - Minimalistic Multimedia Library

Byteplug is a multimedia library for the Rust language which aims to provide a decent framework with minimal set of tools to write applications (or games) for desktop (or mobile). This is in the same essence as the SDL and SFML frameworks.

While it appears to cover many areas (animation, graphical user interface, etc.), it actually provides the bare minimum functionnalities and each tool is carefully crafted to work together, to be extended and to integrate well with external libraries. For instance, if you had a bad experience with the thousands of poorly designed GUI toolkits out there, you might be plaisantly surprised by the widget module which implements the core logic without defining any default appearance, and leaves you with a ready-to-implement environment to create the next full-fledged GUI framework like GTK or Qt.

Showcase sample

This sample showcases how to create a single-window cross-platform application.

// To be written...

It was heavily inspired by similar frameworks (like SFML) and other extensions developed by the community (Thor) coupled with my decade of experience in the field of video games and my obsession for perfection.

I'm open to suggestions and contributions. I would gladly discuss every design decisions that were taken and adjust the framework accordingly.



Procedural animation functionalities


Cross-platform application utilities


Audio processing functionalities


User devices input handling utilities


Hardware-accelerated drawing functionalities


Mathematical utilities related to geometry


Utilities for manipulating 2D grids of pixels


Video playback functionalities


Graphical user interface functionalities