Struct blocks_iterator::Config[][src]

pub struct Config {
    pub blocks_dir: PathBuf,
    pub network: Network,
    pub skip_prevout: bool,
    pub max_reorg: u8,

Configuration parameters, most important the bitcoin blocks directory


blocks_dir: PathBuf

Blocks directory (containing blocks*.dat)

network: Network

Network (bitcoin, testnet, regtest, signet)

skip_prevout: bool

Skip calculation of previous outputs, it’s faster and it uses much less memory however make it impossible calculate fees or access tx input previous scripts

max_reorg: u8

Maximum length of a reorg allowed, during reordering send block to the next step only if it has max_reorg following blocks. Higher is more conservative, while lower faster. When parsing testnet blocks, it may be necessary to increase this a lot

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for Config[src]

impl Debug for Config[src]

impl StructOpt for Config[src]

impl StructOptInternal for Config[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for Config

impl Send for Config

impl Sync for Config

impl Unpin for Config

impl UnwindSafe for Config

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