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Utility to run a regtest bitcoind process, useful in integration testing environment

use bitcoincore_rpc::RpcApi;
let bitcoind = bitcoind::BitcoinD::new("/usr/local/bin/bitcoind").unwrap();
assert_eq!(0, bitcoind.client.get_blockchain_info().unwrap().blocks);



  • Struct representing the bitcoind process with related information
  • The node configuration parameters, implements a convenient Default for most common use.
  • Contains all the information to connect to this node


  • The DataDir struct defining the kind of data directory the node will contain. Data directory can be either persistent, or temporary.
  • All the possible error in this crate
  • Enum to specify p2p settings


  • Provide the bitcoind executable path if a version feature has been specified
  • Returns the daemon executable path if it’s provided as a feature or as BITCOIND_EXE env var. Returns error if none or both are set
  • Returns a non-used local port if available.
  • Validate the specified arg if there is any unavailable or deprecated one