[][src]Struct bitcoincore_rpc_json::GetPeerInfoResult

pub struct GetPeerInfoResult {
    pub id: u64,
    pub addr: String,
    pub addrbind: String,
    pub addrlocal: String,
    pub services: String,
    pub relaytxes: bool,
    pub lastsend: u64,
    pub lastrecv: u64,
    pub bytessent: u64,
    pub bytesrecv: u64,
    pub conntime: u64,
    pub timeoffset: u64,
    pub pingtime: u64,
    pub minping: u64,
    pub pingwait: u64,
    pub version: u64,
    pub subver: String,
    pub inbound: bool,
    pub addnode: bool,
    pub startingheight: u64,
    pub banscore: i64,
    pub synced_headers: u64,
    pub synced_blocks: u64,
    pub inflight: Vec<u64>,
    pub whitelisted: bool,
    pub bytessent_per_msg: Value,
    pub bytesrecv_per_msg: Value,

Models the result of "getpeerinfo"


id: u64

Peer index

addr: String

The IP address and port of the peer

addrbind: String

Bind address of the connection to the peer

addrlocal: String

Local address as reported by the peer

services: String

The services offered

relaytxes: bool

Whether peer has asked us to relay transactions to it

lastsend: u64

The time in seconds since epoch (Jan 1 1970 GMT) of the last send

lastrecv: u64

The time in seconds since epoch (Jan 1 1970 GMT) of the last receive

bytessent: u64

The total bytes sent

bytesrecv: u64

The total bytes received

conntime: u64

The connection time in seconds since epoch (Jan 1 1970 GMT)

timeoffset: u64

The time offset in seconds

pingtime: u64

ping time (if available)

minping: u64

minimum observed ping time (if any at all)

pingwait: u64

ping wait (if non-zero)

version: u64

The peer version, such as 70001

subver: String

The string version

inbound: bool

Inbound (true) or Outbound (false)

addnode: bool

Whether connection was due to addnode/-connect or if it was an automatic/inbound connection

startingheight: u64

The starting height (block) of the peer

banscore: i64

The ban score

synced_headers: u64

The last header we have in common with this peer

synced_blocks: u64

The last block we have in common with this peer

inflight: Vec<u64>

The heights of blocks we're currently asking from this peer

whitelisted: bool

Whether the peer is whitelisted

bytessent_per_msg: Value

The total bytes sent aggregated by message type

bytesrecv_per_msg: Value

The total bytes received aggregated by message type

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for GetPeerInfoResult[src]

default fn clone_from(&mut self, source: &Self)

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impl Debug for GetPeerInfoResult[src]

impl Serialize for GetPeerInfoResult[src]

impl<'de> Deserialize<'de> for GetPeerInfoResult[src]

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