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Computational geometry algorithms for Bézier segments and shapes useful in the context of 2D graphics.

Play with the interactive documentation which visualizes each API function in a fun manner:

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Bezier-rs is built for the needs of Graphite, an open source 2D vector graphics editor. We hope it may be useful to others, but presently Graphite is its primary user. Pull requests are welcomed for new features, code cleanup, ergonomic enhancements, performance improvements, and documentation clarifications.

The library currently provides functions dealing with single Bézier curve segments and open-or-closed multi-segment paths (which we call subpaths).

In the future, the library will be expanded to include compound paths (multiple subpaths forming a single shape, where the winding order determines inside-or-outside-ness) and operations between paths (e.g. boolean operations, convex hull). Pull requests for these additional features would be highly desirable.

Bezier-rs is inspired by Bezier.js and A Primer on Bézier Curves by Pomax. Bezier-rs is not a port of Bezier.js so the API for single-segment Bézier curves has some differences, and the intention is to offer a broader scope that provides algorithms beyond single curve segments (as noted above) to eventually service full vector shapes.


Graphite and Bezier-rs use the following terminology for vector data. These depictions are given for cubic Bézier curves.

Manipulators Curve/Bezier Segment Subpath/Path Open/Closed


  • Struct to represent optional parameters that can be passed to the arcs function.
  • Representation of a bezier curve with 2D points.
  • Struct to represent the circular arc approximation used in the arcs bezier function.
  • Structure used to represent a single anchor with up to two optional associated handles along a Subpath
  • Struct to represent optional parameters that can be passed to the project function.
  • Structure used to represent a path composed of Bezier curves.
  • Iteration structure for iterating across each curve of a Subpath, using an intermediate Bezier representation.