Struct bevy_mod_picking::PickableBundle[][src]

pub struct PickableBundle {
    pub pickable_mesh: PickableMesh,
    pub interaction: Interaction,
    pub focus_policy: FocusPolicy,
    pub pickable_button: PickableButton,
    pub selection: Selection,
    pub hover: Hover,


pickable_mesh: PickableMeshinteraction: Interactionfocus_policy: FocusPolicypickable_button: PickableButtonselection: Selectionhover: Hover

Trait Implementations

impl Bundle for PickableBundle[src]

SAFE: TypeInfo is returned in field-definition-order. [from_components] and [get_components] use field-definition-order

impl Default for PickableBundle[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

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