[][src]Struct basic::mach::Runtime

pub struct Runtime { /* fields omitted */ }


impl Runtime[src]

pub fn enter(&mut self, string: &str) -> bool[src]

Enters a line of BASIC or INPUT. Returns true if good candidate for history.

pub fn get_listing(&self) -> Listing[src]

Obtain a thread-safe Listing for saving and line completion.

pub fn set_listing(&mut self, listing: Listing, run: bool)[src]

Set a new listing. Used to load a program.

pub fn set_prompt(&mut self, prompt: &str)[src]

Set a prompt instead of the default "READY."

pub fn interrupt(&mut self)[src]

Interrupt the program. Displays BREAK error.

pub fn execute(&mut self, iterations: usize) -> Event[src]

Use a large number for iterations but not so much that interrupts aren't responsive.

Trait Implementations

impl Default for Runtime[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !RefUnwindSafe for Runtime

impl !Send for Runtime

impl !Sync for Runtime

impl Unpin for Runtime

impl UnwindSafe for Runtime

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