[][src]Enum backoff::Error

pub enum Error<E> {

Error is the error value in an operation's result.

Based on the two possible values, the operation may be retried.



Permanent means that it's impossible to execute the operation successfully. This error is immediately returned from retry().


Transient means that the error is temporary, the operation should be retried according to the backoff policy.

Trait Implementations

impl<E> Debug for Error<E> where
    E: Debug

impl<E> Display for Error<E> where
    E: Display

impl<E> Error for Error<E> where
    E: Error

impl<E> From<E> for Error<E>[src]

By default all errors are transient. Permanent errors can be constructed explicitly. This implementation is for making the question mark operator (?) and the try! macro to work.

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<E> RefUnwindSafe for Error<E> where
    E: RefUnwindSafe

impl<E> Send for Error<E> where
    E: Send

impl<E> Sync for Error<E> where
    E: Sync

impl<E> Unpin for Error<E> where
    E: Unpin

impl<E> UnwindSafe for Error<E> where
    E: UnwindSafe

Blanket Implementations

impl<T> Any for T where
    T: 'static + ?Sized

impl<T> Borrow<T> for T where
    T: ?Sized

impl<T> BorrowMut<T> for T where
    T: ?Sized

impl<T> From<!> for T[src]

impl<T> From<T> for T[src]

impl<T, U> Into<U> for T where
    U: From<T>, 

impl<T> ToString for T where
    T: Display + ?Sized

impl<T, U> TryFrom<U> for T where
    U: Into<T>, 

type Error = Infallible

The type returned in the event of a conversion error.

impl<T, U> TryInto<U> for T where
    U: TryFrom<T>, 

type Error = <U as TryFrom<T>>::Error

The type returned in the event of a conversion error.