pub trait UnwrappedCastFrom<Src> {
    fn unwrapped_cast_from(src: Src) -> Self;
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Used to cast values, panicking if the value does not fit.

This trait enables trait constraints for casting in the opposite direction to UnwrappedCast.


use az::UnwrappedCastFrom;
trait Tr {
    type Assoc: UnwrappedCastFrom<u8>;
    fn unwrapped_assoc_from_u8(a: u8) -> Self::Assoc {
impl Tr for () {
    type Assoc = i8;
assert_eq!(<() as Tr>::unwrapped_assoc_from_u8(5u8), 5i8);

The following assertion would panic because of overflow.

let _overflow = <() as Tr>::unwrapped_assoc_from_u8(255u8);

Required Methods

Casts the value.