pub trait UnwrappedCast<Dst> {
    fn unwrapped_cast(self) -> Dst;
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Used to cast values, panicking if the value does not fit.

It is normally easier to use the UnwrappedAs trait instead of this trait.


This trait’s method panics if the value does not fit in the destination, even when debug assertions are not enabled.


use az::UnwrappedCast;
let a: u32 = 5i32.unwrapped_cast();
assert_eq!(a, 5);
assert_eq!(UnwrappedCast::<u8>::unwrapped_cast(17.1f32), 17);

The following panics because of overflow.

use az::UnwrappedCast;
let _overflow: u32 = (-5i32).unwrapped_cast();

Required Methods

Casts the value.

Implementations on Foreign Types