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Extra utilities for axum.

§Feature flags

axum-extra uses a set of [feature flags] to reduce the amount of compiled and optional dependencies.

The following optional features are available:

async-read-bodyEnables the AsyncReadBody bodyNo
cookieEnables the CookieJar extractorNo
cookie-privateEnables the PrivateCookieJar extractorNo
cookie-signedEnables the SignedCookieJar extractorNo
cookie-key-expansionEnables the Key::derive_from methodNo
erased-jsonEnables the ErasedJson responseNo
formEnables the Form extractorNo
json-deserializerEnables the JsonDeserializer extractorNo
json-linesEnables the JsonLines extractor and responseNo
multipartEnables the Multipart extractorNo
protobufEnables the Protobuf extractor and responseNo
queryEnables the Query extractorNo
tracingLog rejections from built-in extractorsYes
typed-routingEnables the TypedPath routing utilitiesNo
typed-headerEnables the TypedHeader extractor and responseNo



  • Additional bodies.
  • Either* types for combining extractors or responses into a single type.
  • Additional extractors.
  • Additional handler utilities.
  • json_linesjson-lines
    Newline delimited JSON extractor and response.
  • Additional middleware utilities.
  • protobufprotobuf
    Protocol Buffer extractor and response.
  • Additional types for generating responses.
  • Additional types for defining routes.
  • typed_headertyped-header
    Extractor and response for typed headers.


  • TypedHeadertyped-header
    Extractor and response that works with typed header values from headers.