[][src]Struct aws_iot_device_sdk_rust::client::AWSIoTClient

pub struct AWSIoTClient {
    pub aws_iot_client: MqttClient,
    // some fields omitted


aws_iot_client: MqttClient


impl AWSIoTClient[src]

pub fn new(
    client_id: &str,
    ca_path: &str,
    client_cert_path: &str,
    client_key_path: &str,
    aws_iot_endpoint: &str
) -> Result<Self, ConnectError>

Returns an AWSIoTClient struct with the instantiated MQTT client ready to be used.

pub fn add_callback(
    topic_name: String,
    callback: fn(_: String)
) -> Option<fn(_: String)>

Associates a callback function with a topic name.

pub fn remove_callback(&self, topic_name: String) -> Option<fn(_: String)>[src]

Remove the callback function associated with a topic name.

pub fn start_listening(&mut self)[src]

When called it will spawn a thread that checks if the HashMap in the AWSIoTClient contain a callback function associated with the incoming topics.

pub fn subscribe(&mut self, topic_name: String, qos: QoS)[src]

Subscribe to any topic.

pub fn publish(&mut self, topic_name: String, qos: QoS, payload: &str)[src]

Publish to any topic.

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