[][src]Struct async_executor::Spawner

pub struct Spawner { /* fields omitted */ }

A spawner for a multi-threaded executor.


impl Spawner[src]

pub fn current() -> Spawner[src]

Gets a spawner for the current multi-threaded executor.

If called from an Executor, returns its Spawner.

Otherwise, this method panics.


use async_executor::{Executor, Spawner};

let ex = Executor::new();

ex.run(async {
    let spawner = Spawner::current();
    let task = spawner.spawn(async { 1 + 2 });
    assert_eq!(task.await, 3);

pub fn spawn<T: Send + 'static>(
    future: impl Future<Output = T> + Send + 'static
) -> Task<T>

Important traits for Task<T>

impl<T> Future for Task<T> type Output = T;

Spawns a task onto the executor.


use async_executor::Executor;

let ex = Executor::new();
let spawner = ex.spawner();

let task = spawner.spawn(async {
    println!("Hello world");

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for Spawner[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for Spawner

impl Send for Spawner

impl Sync for Spawner

impl Unpin for Spawner

impl UnwindSafe for Spawner

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