[][src]Struct aseprite_test_data::FileSet

pub struct FileSet {
    pub version: &'static str,
    pub name: &'static str,
    pub src_aseprite: &'static [u8],
    pub array_json: &'static [u8],
    pub basic_json: &'static [u8],
    pub hash_json: &'static [u8],
    pub array_png: &'static [u8],
    pub basic_png: &'static [u8],
    pub hash_png: &'static [u8],
    pub ase_color_format: AseColorFormat,
    pub png_color_profile: PngColorProfile,
    pub size: [u32; 2],
    pub pixel: [u8; 2],
    pub pixels: Option<&'static [RGBA]>,
    pub palette: &'static [RGBA],
    pub n_frames: usize,
    pub n_layers: usize,
    pub n_slices: usize,
    pub n_frametags: usize,
    // some fields omitted

File data


version: &'static strname: &'static strsrc_aseprite: &'static [u8]array_json: &'static [u8]basic_json: &'static [u8]hash_json: &'static [u8]array_png: &'static [u8]basic_png: &'static [u8]hash_png: &'static [u8]ase_color_format: AseColorFormatpng_color_profile: PngColorProfilesize: [u32; 2]pixel: [u8; 2]pixels: Option<&'static [RGBA]>palette: &'static [RGBA]n_frames: usizen_layers: usizen_slices: usizen_frametags: usize


impl FileSet[src]

pub fn complex_1_2_25() -> Self[src]

pub fn list() -> impl Iterator<Item = FileSet> + 'static[src]

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for FileSet[src]

impl Copy for FileSet[src]

impl Default for FileSet[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for FileSet

impl Send for FileSet

impl Sync for FileSet

impl Unpin for FileSet

impl UnwindSafe for FileSet

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