Struct ascii_canvas::ShiftedView [] [src]

pub struct ShiftedView<'canvas> { /* fields omitted */ }

Gives a view onto an AsciiCanvas that has a fixed upper-left point. You can get one of these by calling the shift() method on any ASCII view.

Shifted views also track the extent of the characters which are written through them; the close() method can be used to read that out when you are finished.


impl<'canvas> ShiftedView<'canvas>

Finalize the view; returns the (maximal row, maximal column) that was written (in the coordinates of the parent view, not the shifted view). Note that these values are the actual last places that were written, so if you wrote to that precise location, you would overwrite some of the content that was written.

Trait Implementations

impl<'canvas> AsciiView for ShiftedView<'canvas>