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A library to manipulate AArch64 VMSA page tables.

Currently it only supports:

  • stage 1 page tables
  • EL1
  • 4 KiB pages

Full support is provided for identity mapping (IdMap) and linear mapping (LinearMap). If you want to use a different mapping scheme, you must provide an implementation of the Translation trait and then use Mapping directly.


use aarch64_paging::{
    paging::{Attributes, MemoryRegion},

const ASID: usize = 1;
const ROOT_LEVEL: usize = 1;

// Create a new page table with identity mapping.
let mut idmap = IdMap::new(ASID, ROOT_LEVEL);
// Map a 2 MiB region of memory as read-write.
    &MemoryRegion::new(0x80200000, 0x80400000),
    Attributes::NORMAL | Attributes::NON_GLOBAL | Attributes::VALID,
// SAFETY: Everything the program uses is within the 2 MiB region mapped above.
unsafe {
    // Set `TTBR0_EL1` to activate the page table.


  • Functionality for managing page tables with identity mapping.
  • Functionality for managing page tables with linear mapping.
  • Generic aarch64 page table manipulation functionality which doesn’t assume anything about how addresses are mapped.


  • Manages a level 1 page table and associated state.


  • An error attempting to map some range in the page table.