Trait zvariant::Basic[][src]

pub trait Basic: Type {
    const SIGNATURE_CHAR: char;
    const SIGNATURE_STR: &'static str;
    const ALIGNMENT: usize;

    fn alignment(format: EncodingFormat) -> usize;

Trait for basic types.

All basic types are also Type implementers.

Associated Constants

const SIGNATURE_CHAR: char[src]

The type signature, as a character.

const SIGNATURE_STR: &'static str[src]

The type signature, as a string.

const ALIGNMENT: usize[src]

👎 Deprecated since 2.0.2:

Please use the alignment function instead

The required padding alignment.

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Required methods

fn alignment(format: EncodingFormat) -> usize[src]

The required padding alignment for the given format.

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl<B: ?Sized> Basic for &B where
    B: Basic

impl Basic for u8[src]

impl Basic for i8[src]

impl Basic for bool[src]

impl Basic for i16[src]

impl Basic for u16[src]

impl Basic for i32[src]

impl Basic for u32[src]

impl Basic for i64[src]

impl Basic for u64[src]

impl Basic for f32[src]

impl Basic for f64[src]

impl Basic for str[src]

impl Basic for String[src]

impl Basic for char[src]

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impl Basic for Fd[src]

impl<'a> Basic for ObjectPath<'a>[src]

impl<'a> Basic for Signature<'a>[src]

impl<'a> Basic for Str<'a>[src]

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