Trait zvariant::Type[][src]

pub trait Type {
    fn signature() -> Signature<'static>;
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Trait implemented by all serializable types.

This very simple trait provides the signature for the implementing type. Since the D-Bus type system relies on these signatures, our serialization and deserialization API requires this trait in addition to Serialize and Deserialize, respectively.

Implementation is provided for all the basic types and blanket implementations for common container types, such as, arrays, slices, tuples, Vec and HashMap. For easy implementation for custom types, use Type derive macro from zvariant_derive crate.

If your type’s signature cannot be determined statically, you should implement the DynamicType trait instead, which is otherwise automatically implemented if you implement this trait.

Required methods

Get the signature for the implementing type.

use std::collections::HashMap;
use zvariant::Type;

assert_eq!(u32::signature(), "u");
assert_eq!(String::signature(), "s");
assert_eq!(<(u32, &str, u64)>::signature(), "(ust)");
assert_eq!(<(u32, &str, &[u64])>::signature(), "(usat)");
assert_eq!(<HashMap<u8, &str>>::signature(), "a{ys}");

Implementations on Foreign Types