[][src]Struct zombiezen_const_cstr::ConstCStr

pub struct ConstCStr { /* fields omitted */ }

A reference to a C-compatible string constant.


impl ConstCStr[src]

pub const unsafe fn from_str_with_nul_unchecked(val: &'static str) -> ConstCStr[src]

Unsafely creates a constant C string reference from a string slice.

Prefer using the const_cstr! macro than calling this function directly.


The provided slice must be NUL-terminated and not contain any interior NUL bytes.


use zombiezen_const_cstr::ConstCStr;

let s = unsafe { ConstCStr::from_str_with_nul_unchecked("foo\0") };
assert_eq!(s.as_str(), "foo");

pub fn as_str(self) -> &'static str[src]

Returns the referenced string without the terminating NUL byte.

pub fn as_bytes(self) -> &'static [u8][src]

Returns the referenced string as a byte slice without the terminating NUL byte.

pub const fn as_bytes_with_nul(self) -> &'static [u8][src]

Returns the referenced string as a byte slice, with the NUL terminating byte.

pub const fn as_ptr(self) -> *const c_char[src]

Returns a pointer to the beginning of the string constant.

Suitable for passing to any function that expects a C-compatible string. Since the underlying string is guaranteed to be 'static, the pointer should always be valid.

pub fn as_cstr(self) -> &'static CStr[src]

Returns &'static CStr to the referenced string.

Trait Implementations

impl AsRef<[u8]> for ConstCStr[src]

impl AsRef<CStr> for ConstCStr[src]

impl AsRef<str> for ConstCStr[src]

impl Clone for ConstCStr[src]

impl Copy for ConstCStr[src]

impl Debug for ConstCStr[src]

impl Default for ConstCStr[src]

fn default() -> ConstCStr[src]

Returns an empty C string constant.

impl Display for ConstCStr[src]

impl Eq for ConstCStr[src]

impl From<ConstCStr> for &'static str[src]

impl From<ConstCStr> for &'static [u8][src]

impl From<ConstCStr> for *const c_char[src]

impl From<ConstCStr> for &'static CStr[src]

impl Hash for ConstCStr[src]

impl Ord for ConstCStr[src]

impl PartialEq<ConstCStr> for ConstCStr[src]

impl PartialOrd<ConstCStr> for ConstCStr[src]

impl StructuralEq for ConstCStr[src]

impl StructuralPartialEq for ConstCStr[src]

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