Struct zk_4lw::mntr::Response [] [src]

pub struct Response {
    pub zk_version: String,
    pub zk_avg_latency: i64,
    pub zk_max_latency: i64,
    pub zk_min_latency: i64,
    pub zk_packets_received: i64,
    pub zk_packets_sent: i64,
    pub zk_outstanding_requests: i64,
    pub zk_server_state: String,
    pub zk_znode_count: i64,
    pub zk_watch_count: i64,
    pub zk_ephemerals_count: i64,
    pub zk_approximate_data_size: i64,
    pub zk_followers: Option<i64>,
    pub zk_synced_followers: Option<i64>,
    pub zk_pending_syncs: Option<i64>,
    pub zk_open_file_descriptor_count: Option<i64>,
    pub zk_max_file_descriptor_count: Option<i64>,
    pub zk_extras: HashMap<String, String>,

Response to the mntr command

The fields here are what's defined in the docs as of 2018/02/23. Additional fields are stored as strings within zk_extras.


Trait Implementations

impl Debug for Response


Formats the value using the given formatter.