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zip-extract’s primary goal is simple: Automate tedious zip extraction. Ever wanted to just unpack an archive somewhere? Well, here you go:


See extract for details.

let archive: Vec<u8> = download_my_archive()?;
let target_dir = PathBuf::from("my_target_dir"); // Doesn't need to exist

// The third parameter allows you to strip away toplevel directories.
// If `archive` contained a single folder, that folder's contents would be extracted instead.
zip_extract::extract(Cursor::new(archive), &target_dir, true)?;


All features are passed through to zip and flate2. They are:

  • deflate: Support for the Deflate algorithm (miniz_oxide rust-backend)
  • deflate-miniz: ^ dito (miniz C-backend)
  • deflate-zlib: ^ dito (zlib C-backend)
  • bzip2: Support for .bzip2 archives via the bzip2 crate

The default is bzip2 and deflate.



  • Extracts a zip archive into target_dir.