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§Zemen - የ ኢትዮጵያ ቀን መቁጠሪያ


A date conversion crate to convert between ethiopian and gregorian dates. We have a custom struct to represent ethiopian date, i.e. Zemen, and we are using an external crate time, and specifically time::Date, to represent gregorian dates.

The crate uses the Beyene-Kudlek algorithm to convert between jdn (Julian Day number) and ethiopic calender. And the time crate to convert between jdn (Julian Day number) and gregorian date.

Docs found here


cargo add zemen


use zemen::{Zemen, Werh};

// creating dates
// Werh means month in Ge'ez
let qen = Zemen::from_eth_cal(1992, Werh::Tahasass, 22)?;

// accessing individual element
println!("year: {}", qen.year());
println!("month: {}", qen.month());
println!("month(number): {}", qen.month() as u8);
println!("day: {}",;

// get the next, and previous date. `next` and `previous` consume `self`
let nege =;
println!("nege: {}", nege);
let tilant = nege.previous().previous();
println!("tilant: {}", tilant);

// get the next month
let qetay_wer = tilant.month().next();
println!("wer: {}", qetay_wer);

// get the previous month
let yalef_wer = tilant.month().previous();
println!("wer: {}", yalef_wer);


let qen = Zemen::from_eth_cal(2015, Werh::Tir, 10)?;
let formatted = qen.format("ዛሬ %a, %b %d-%Y ነው");

// prints: ዛሬ ረቡዕ, ጥር 10-2015 ነው
println!("{}", formatted);

§time feature

Assuming you’ve enabled the time feature, you can convert between time::Date and zemen::Zemen.

let qen = Zemen::from_eth_cal(1992, Werh::Tahasass, 22)?;
let date = Date::from_calendar_date(2000, Month::January, 1)?;

// conversion
let converted_day = Date::from(&qen);
let converted_qen = Zemen::from(&date);

println!("date: {}", converted_day);
println!("qen: {}", converted_qen);


  • Todo: Documentations



  • Weekdays of the Ethiopian calendar, Samint directly translates to week, but in our case it is enough
  • Months of the Ethiopian year. Werh means month in Ge’ez.