Trait zellij_server::os_input_output::ServerOsApi[][src]

pub trait ServerOsApi: Send + Sync {
Show methods fn set_terminal_size_using_fd(&self, fd: RawFd, cols: u16, rows: u16);
fn spawn_terminal(&self, file_to_open: Option<PathBuf>) -> (RawFd, Pid);
fn read_from_tty_stdout(
        fd: RawFd,
        buf: &mut [u8]
    ) -> Result<usize, Error>;
fn async_file_reader(&self, fd: RawFd) -> Box<dyn AsyncReader>;
fn write_to_tty_stdin(&self, fd: RawFd, buf: &[u8]) -> Result<usize, Error>;
fn tcdrain(&self, fd: RawFd) -> Result<(), Error>;
fn kill(&self, pid: Pid) -> Result<(), Error>;
fn box_clone(&self) -> Box<dyn ServerOsApi>;
fn recv_from_client(&self) -> (ClientToServerMsg, ErrorContext);
fn send_to_client(&self, msg: ServerToClientMsg);
fn add_client_sender(&self);
fn send_to_temp_client(&self, msg: ServerToClientMsg);
fn remove_client_sender(&self);
fn update_receiver(&mut self, stream: LocalSocketStream);
fn load_palette(&self) -> Palette;
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The ServerOsApi trait represents an abstract interface to the features of an operating system that Zellij server requires.

Required methods

Sets the size of the terminal associated to file descriptor fd.

Spawn a new terminal, with an optional file to open in a terminal program.

Read bytes from the standard output of the virtual terminal referred to by fd.

Creates an AsyncReader that can be used to read from fd in an async context

Write bytes to the standard input of the virtual terminal referred to by fd.

Wait until all output written to the object referred to by fd has been transmitted.

Terminate the process with process ID pid.

Returns a Box pointer to this ServerOsApi struct.

Receives a message on server-side IPC channel

Sends a message to client

Adds a sender to client

Send to the temporary client

Removes the sender to client

Update the receiver socket for the client