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Core Zcash data structures.

This crate provides definitions of core data structures for Zcash, such as blocks, transactions, addresses, etc.


  • Strongly-typed zatoshi amounts that prevent under/overflows.
  • Blocks and block-related structures (heights, headers, etc.)
  • Defines method signatures for checking if the synchronizer is likely close to the network chain tip.
  • Zebra interfaces for access to chain tip information.
  • Diagnostic types and functions for Zebra:
  • Errors that can occur inside any zebra-chain submodule.
  • Format wrappers for Zebra
  • History tree (Merkle mountain range) structure that contains information about the block history as specified in ZIP-221.
  • Orchard-related functionality.
  • Parallel chain update methods.
  • Consensus parameters for each Zcash network.
  • External primitives used in Zcash structures.
  • Sapling-related functionality.
  • Consensus-critical serialization.
  • Shutdown related code.
  • Sprout-related functionality.
  • Struct representing Sapling/Orchard note commitment subtrees
  • Transactions and transaction-related structures.
  • Transparent-related (Bitcoin-inherited) functionality.
  • A type that can hold the four types of Zcash value pools.
  • Proof-of-work implementation.

Type Aliases§

  • Error type alias to make working with generic errors easier.