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z_rs implements a directory jumping command line utility

The original is a 200 line shell classic https://github.com/rupa/z/blob/master/z.sh

This is an opinionated rewrite instead of being 1:1 with the original. Most notably, this does not override cd in any way, and needs to be used instead of cd to build the cache.

This provides a z_rs binary, which can be invoked for configuration and lookup.


Currently unpublished, do

cargo install https://github.com/suyash/z-rs



eval "$(z_rs init --cmd z --cache $HOME/.z_rs)"

in your shell configuration file.

The --cmd option is the name of the command that will be added to the shell. For example, in this case, a z command will be created.


If configured with the command name z, then simply do

z foo bar

will try to match foo and bar and if a match is found in the cache, will cd to it, otherwise error out.

Matches occur based on "frecency". The rank of a path is how many times it has been accessed. The command will return the highest ranked matching record. If there are multiple, it will return the most recently accessed one.



Records contains a record of all stored values