[][src]Struct yew_styles::forms::form_input::Props

pub struct Props {
    pub value: String,
    pub input_type: InputType,
    pub input_palette: Palette,
    pub input_size: Size,
    pub oninput_signal: Callback<InputData>,
    pub onblur_signal: Callback<FocusEvent>,
    pub onkeydown_signal: Callback<KeyboardEvent>,
    pub placeholder: String,
    pub checked: bool,
    pub code_ref: NodeRef,
    pub key: String,
    pub class_name: String,
    pub id: String,
    pub name: String,
    pub alt: String,
    pub autofocus: bool,
    pub autocomplete: bool,
    pub list: String,
    pub min: u16,
    pub max: u16,
    pub minlength: u16,
    pub maxlength: u16,
    pub pattern: String,
    pub readonly: bool,
    pub required: bool,
    pub disabled: bool,
    pub underline: bool,
    pub step: i16,
    pub error_state: bool,
    pub error_message: String,


value: String

Current value of the form control. Required

input_type: InputType

The input type. Default InputType::Text

input_palette: Palette

The input style according with the purpose. Default Palette::Standard

input_size: Size

The size of the input. Default Size::Medium

oninput_signal: Callback<InputData>

Signal to emit the event input

onblur_signal: Callback<FocusEvent>

Signal to emit the event blur

onkeydown_signal: Callback<KeyboardEvent>

Signal to emit the event keypress

placeholder: String

Content to be appear in the form control when the form control is empty

checked: bool

Whether the command or control is checked

code_ref: NodeRef

General property to get the ref of the component

key: String

General property to add keys

class_name: String

General property to add custom class styles

id: String

General property to add custom id

name: String

The name of the input

alt: String

Alt attribute for the image type

autofocus: bool

Automatically focus the form control when the page is loaded. Default false

autocomplete: bool

Hint for form autofill feature. . Default false

list: String

Value of the id attribute of the "datalist" of autocomplete options

min: u16

Minimum value

max: u16

Maximum value

minlength: u16

Minimum length (number of characters) of value

maxlength: u16

Maximum length (number of characters) of value. Default 1000

pattern: String

Pattern the value must match to be valid. Default "[\\s\\S]*".to_string()

readonly: bool

The value is not editable. Default false

required: bool

A value is required or must be check for the form to be submittable. Default false

disabled: bool

Whether the form control is disabled. Default false

underline: bool

Underline style instead of box, like Material. Default false

step: i16

Incremental values that are valid

error_state: bool

Error state for validation. Default false

error_message: String

Show error message when error_state is true

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for Props[src]

impl PartialEq<Props> for Props[src]

impl Properties for Props[src]

type Builder = PropsBuilder<PropsBuilderStep_missing_required_prop_value>

Builder that will be used to construct properties

impl StructuralPartialEq for Props[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !RefUnwindSafe for Props

impl !Send for Props

impl !Sync for Props

impl Unpin for Props

impl !UnwindSafe for Props

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