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A Yew component library based on the Bulma CSS framework.

YBC encapsulates all of the structure, style and functionality of the Bulma CSS framework as a set of Yew components. YBC also ships with support for the Yew Router, adding Bulma-styled components which wrap the Yew Router components for clean integration.

As a guiding principal, YBC does not attempt to encapsulate every single Bulma style as a Rust type, let alone the many valid style combinations. That would be far too complex, and probably limiting to the user in many ways. Instead, YBC handles structure, required classes, functionality, sane defaults and every component can be customized with any additional classes for an exact look and feel.

What does it look like to use YBC? The following is a snippet of a component’s view method rendering a navbar, a fluid container, and some tiles.

Please see this project’s README for the example. is currently (2021.07.26) slightly broken and having trouble including external docs as it has historically.