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§yaxpeax-arm, a decoder for arm instruction sets.

yaxpeax-arm provides armv7 (and below) decoders, including thumb support, as well a decoder for armv8/a64.


yaxpeax-arm is currently only usable through yaxpeax-arch traits:

mod decoder {
    use yaxpeax_arch::{Arch, AddressDisplay, Decoder, Reader, ReaderBuilder};

    pub fn decode_stream<
        A: yaxpeax_arch::Arch,
        U: ReaderBuilder<A::Address, A::Word>,
    >(data: U) where
        A::Instruction: std::fmt::Display,
        let mut reader = ReaderBuilder::read_from(data);
        let mut address: A::Address = reader.total_offset();

        let decoder = A::Decoder::default();
        let mut decode_res = decoder.decode(&mut reader);
        loop {
            match decode_res {
                Ok(ref inst) => {
                    println!("{}: {}",, inst);
                    decode_res = decoder.decode(&mut reader);
                    address = reader.total_offset();
                Err(e) => {
                    println!("{}: decode error: {}",, e);

use yaxpeax_arm::armv8::a64::ARMv8;
use yaxpeax_arch::{ReaderBuilder, U8Reader};
let data: &[u8] = &[0x94, 0x02, 0x1e, 0x32];
// would display `orr w20, w20, #0x4`.
decoder::decode_stream::<ARMv8, _>(data);


  • yaxpeax-arm’s ARMv7 decoder and Arch implementation.
  • yaxpeax-arm’s ARMv8 decoder and Arch implementation.