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This crate contains a practical implementation of the x86 xsave semantics.

We do not intend to support all possible variations of the instructures, nor do we intend to calculate the size of the xsave area dynamically. Instead, our practical strategy will overallocate the size of the xsave area so that we get a constant size for the struct. This allows for substantially easier embedding in other contexts.

For example, clearing the extended CPU state is a simple:

use xsave::XSave;


Likewise, you can save and restore the extended CPU state like this:

use xsave::XSave;

let mut xsave = XSave::default();;


The x87 Floating Point Control Word

The x87 Floating Point Unit (FPU) Status Word

An MMX register

An MMX register field

The MXCSR register

XCOMP_BV flags

An XSave buffer

The XSave Header Area

The XSave Legacy Area


An XMM register