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Utilities for interacting with the XRP Ledger.

A pure Rust implementation for interacting with the XRP Ledger. The xrpl-rust crate simplifies the hardest parts of XRP Ledger interaction including serialization and transaction signing while providing idiomatic Rust functionality for XRP Ledger transactions and core server API (rippled) objects.

Quick Start


The XRP Ledger

For the user guide and further documentation, please read XRP Ledger.



  • Collection of public constants for XRPL.
  • Core codec functions for interacting with the XRPL.
  • Top-level modules for the models package.
  • Convenience utilities for the XRP Ledger
  • Methods for working with XRPL wallets.


  • Turns a thiserror_no_std::Error into a anyhow::Error
  • A macro to tag a struct externally. With serde attributes, unfortunately it is not possible to serialize a struct to json with its name as key and its fields as value. Example: {"Example":{"Field1":"hello","Field2":"world"}}