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This crate provides a push based XML parser library that adheres to XML5 specification. In other words this library trades well-formedness for error recovery.

The idea behind this, was to minimize number of errors from tools that generate XML (e.g. &#83 won’t just return &#83 as text, but will parse it into S ). You can check out full specification here.

What this library provides is a solid XML parser that can:

What isn’t in scope for this library:

  • Document Type Definition parsing - this is pretty hard to do right and nowadays, its used


  • The BufferQueue struct and helper types.
  • Data that is known at compile-time and hard-coded into the binary.
  • Driver
  • Types for tag and attribute names, and tree-builder functionality.
  • Serializer for XML5.
  • This module contains a single struct SmallCharSet. See its documentation for details.
  • XML5 tokenizer - converts input into tokens
  • XML5 tree builder - converts tokens into a tree like structure




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