Struct x86_64::structures::idt::ExceptionStackFrame[][src]

pub struct ExceptionStackFrame { pub instruction_pointer: VirtAddr, pub code_segment: u64, pub cpu_flags: u64, pub stack_pointer: VirtAddr, pub stack_segment: u64, }

Represents the exception stack frame pushed by the CPU on exception entry.


This value points to the instruction that should be executed when the interrupt handler returns. For most interrupts, this value points to the instruction immediately following the last executed instruction. However, for some exceptions (e.g., page faults), this value points to the faulting instruction, so that the instruction is restarted on return. See the documentation of the InterruptDescriptorTable fields for more details.

The code segment selector, padded with zeros.

The flags register before the interrupt handler was invoked.

The stack pointer at the time of the interrupt.

The stack segment descriptor at the time of the interrupt (often zero in 64-bit mode).

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for ExceptionStackFrame

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