Struct x86_64::structures::tss::TaskStateSegment[][src]

#[repr(C, packed)]pub struct TaskStateSegment {
    pub privilege_stack_table: [VirtAddr; 3],
    pub interrupt_stack_table: [VirtAddr; 7],
    pub iomap_base: u16,
    // some fields omitted

In 64-bit mode the TSS holds information that is not directly related to the task-switch mechanism, but is used for finding kernel level stack if interrupts arrive while in kernel mode.


privilege_stack_table: [VirtAddr; 3]

The full 64-bit canonical forms of the stack pointers (RSP) for privilege levels 0-2.

interrupt_stack_table: [VirtAddr; 7]

The full 64-bit canonical forms of the interrupt stack table (IST) pointers.

iomap_base: u16

The 16-bit offset to the I/O permission bit map from the 64-bit TSS base.


impl TaskStateSegment[src]

pub const fn new() -> TaskStateSegment[src]

Creates a new TSS with zeroed privilege and interrupt stack table and a zero iomap_base.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for TaskStateSegment[src]

impl Copy for TaskStateSegment[src]

impl Debug for TaskStateSegment[src]

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