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Sans-IO implementation of the ANSI X3.28 serial line protocol

X3.28 is an old field bus protocol, commonly used on top of a RS-422 bus. The bus settings should be 9600 baud, 7 bit char, no flow control, even parity, 1 stop bit (7E1). Since this crate doesn’t provide IO at all, feel free to use whatever transport you want.



  • The bus controller half of the X3.28 protocol
  • An implementation of the “node” half of the X3.28 protocol. See Node for more details.
  • The Scanner is used to reconstruct X3.28 bus events from byte streams generated by the bus controller and the nodes. Useful for sniffing a X3.28 bus, or transparently splitting it into segments.
  • This module defines range-checked types for X3.28 addresses, parameters and values, meant to simplify correct usage of the API.