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Writium Framework is the foundation of my blog generator Writium, and is separated from the generator project.
It's a clean framework providing fundamental functionalities we always use.

Why Writium Framework?

Writium Framework is not so versatile but it does its best to fulfill most of your needs, if parts of your web apps requires:

  • JSON ser/de;
  • chunk-based (rather than stream-based) interaction;
  • separation of duties;
  • hierarchic organization.

Writium Framework works well with all web frameworks which can provide HyperRequests and accept HyperResponses, but itself is not a server to-go. It might bring you a few more codes to write, but such design allows you to separate the web engine and your API logics perfectly; it brings you flexibility you always want.

For example, after finishing your RESTful API, and you find you have to write something stream-based. Then you can add it to somewhere in your same application; you don't need to port codes to another web framework simply because it doesn't support stream-based interaction.


pub extern crate futures;
pub extern crate hyper;



This module includes most of the tools you want to use during API development. In case you are a user consuming APIs made by others, you generally need Writium only.




The element Writium.