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Write Atomic

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ALPHA: Note this crate is a work-in-progress and is not yet ready for production use.

Write Atomic is a stripped-down remake of tempfile-fast, boiling everything down to a single method: write_file.

Like tempfile-fast, bytes will first be written to a temporary file — either O_TMPFILE on supporting Linux systems or via the tempfile crate — then moved the final destination.

When overwriting an existing file, permissions and ownership will be preserved, otherwise the permissions and ownership will default to the same values you’d get if using std::fs::File::create.

Because there is just a single write_file method, this crate is only really suitable in cases where you have the path and all the bytes you want to write ready to go. If you need more granular Read/Seek/Write support, use tempfile-fast instead.


// One line is all it takes:
write_atomic::write_file("/path/to/my-file.txt", b"Some data!").unwrap();


Add write_atomic to your dependencies in Cargo.toml, like:

write_atomic = "0.2.*"


Atomic File Write!