Struct wiremock::Times[][src]

pub struct Times(_);

Specify how many times we expect a Mock to match via expect. It is used to set expectations on the usage of a Mock in a test case.

You can either specify an exact value, e.g.

use wiremock::Times;

let times: Times = 10.into();

or a range

use wiremock::Times;

// Between 10 and 15 (not included) times
let times: Times = (10..15).into();
// Between 10 and 15 (included) times
let times: Times = (10..=15).into();
// At least 10 times
let times: Times = (10..).into();
// Strictly less than 15 times
let times: Times = (..15).into();
// Strictly less than 16 times
let times: Times = (..=15).into();

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for Times[src]

impl Debug for Times[src]

impl Display for Times[src]

impl From<Range<u64>> for Times[src]

impl From<RangeFrom<u64>> for Times[src]

impl From<RangeInclusive<u64>> for Times[src]

impl From<RangeTo<u64>> for Times[src]

impl From<RangeToInclusive<u64>> for Times[src]

impl From<u64> for Times[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for Times

impl Send for Times

impl Sync for Times

impl Unpin for Times

impl UnwindSafe for Times

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