Struct wiremock::matchers::MethodExactMatcher[][src]

pub struct MethodExactMatcher(_);

Match exactly the method of a request.


use wiremock::{MockServer, Mock, ResponseTemplate};
use wiremock::matchers::method;

async fn main() {
    // Arrange
    let mock_server = MockServer::start().await;

    let response = ResponseTemplate::new(200);
    let mock = Mock::given(method("GET")).respond_with(response);

    // Act
    let status = surf::get(&mock_server.uri())
    // Assert
    assert_eq!(status, 200);


impl MethodExactMatcher[src]

pub fn new<T>(method: T) -> Self where
    T: TryInto<Method>,
    <T as TryInto<Method>>::Error: Debug

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for MethodExactMatcher[src]

impl Match for MethodExactMatcher[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

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