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Windows permissions

Safe Rust bindings to Windows permissions APIs.


This crate provides safe Rust wrappers over several Windows permissions concepts, including:

  • SID (Security Identifier)
  • ACL (Access Control List)
  • ACE (Access Control Entry)
  • SD (Security Descriptor)

There are two kinds of abstractions:

  • The primary Windows data structures are available and can be used directly.
  • In the wrappers crate, there are safe versions of the Windows API functions. Any Windows API function not implemented should be reported as an issue.


PRs are happily accepted! In general, unsafe code should be confined to the wrappers module – the rest of this crate should be implemented safely based on that code.

Help wanted:

  • Make wrappers more complete with additional Windows API functions
  • Add new data structures that cover more of the permissions APIs


pub use localheap::LocalBox;


Constants related to Windows security.

A specialized Box variation for items stored on the local heap.

Data structures related to Windows security.

Minor utilities for working with Windows APIs.

Direct wrappers over WinAPI calls


An access control list.

An entry in an access control list (ACL).

A Windows security descriptor.

A SID (Security Identifier) that can be used with Windows API calls.

An entity that can be added to an ACL.


A trait indicating that an object is subject to Windows security.