Type Alias wgpu::RequestAdapterOptions

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pub type RequestAdapterOptions<'a> = RequestAdapterOptionsBase<&'a Surface>;
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Additional information required when requesting an adapter.

For use with Instance::request_adapter.

Corresponds to WebGPU GPURequestAdapterOptions.

Aliased Type§

struct RequestAdapterOptions<'a> {
    pub power_preference: PowerPreference,
    pub force_fallback_adapter: bool,
    pub compatible_surface: Option<&'a Surface>,


§power_preference: PowerPreference

Power preference for the adapter.

§force_fallback_adapter: bool

Indicates that only a fallback adapter can be returned. This is generally a “software” implementation on the system.

§compatible_surface: Option<&'a Surface>

Surface that is required to be presentable with the requested adapter. This does not create the surface, only guarantees that the adapter can present to said surface.