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This library safely implements WebGPU on native platforms. It is designed for integration into browsers, as well as wrapping into other language-specific user-friendly libraries.

§Feature flags

  • api_log_info — Log all API entry points at info instead of trace level.

  • resource_log_info — Log resource lifecycle management at info instead of trace level.

  • link (enabled by default) — Use static linking for libraries. Disale to manually link. Enabled by default.

  • renderdoc — Support the Renderdoc graphics debugger:

  • strict_asserts — Apply run-time checks, even in release builds. These are in addition to the validation carried out at public APIs in all builds.

  • trace — Enable API tracing.

  • replay — Enable API replaying

  • serial-pass — Enable serializable compute/render passes, and bundle encoders.

  • wgsl — Enable ShaderModuleSource::Wgsl

  • fragile-send-sync-non-atomic-wasm — Implement Send and Sync on Wasm, but only if atomics are not enabled.

    WebGL/WebGPU objects can not be shared between threads. However, it can be useful to artificially mark them as Send and Sync anyways to make it easier to write cross-platform code. This is technically very unsafe in a multithreaded environment, but on a wasm binary compiled without atomics we know we are definitely not in a multithreaded environment.

§Backends, passed through to wgpu-hal

  • metal — Enable the metal backend.

  • vulkan — Enable the vulkan backend.

  • gles — Enable the GLES backend.

    This is used for all of GLES, OpenGL, and WebGL.

  • dx12 — Enable the dx12 backend.






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