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Provides support for sending and receiving webmentions. Webmention is a W3C recommendation for notifying that a link from one URL to another was published.

In short: to receive webmentions you need to process POST requests with source and target on advertised endpoint URL. There are various ways to advertise your endpoint, the simplest of all is to place <link rel="webmention" href="endpoint_url"> inside of your document.

To send webmentions you need to discover endpoint and send a POST request with source and target payload.

CLI tool

There is a CLI tool available with support for sending webmentions, and (optionally) a simple endpoint based on Rocket.


pub use crate::error::WebmentionError;
pub use crate::webmention::Webmention;


Specifies the endpoint discovery algorithm

Defines document

Defines http_client that is used for GETting and POSTing

Defines utility to deal with LINK header