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Raw API bindings for Web APIs

This is a procedurally generated crate from browser WebIDL which provides a binding to all APIs that browsers provide on the web.

This crate by default contains very little when compiled as almost all of its exposed APIs are gated by Cargo features. The exhaustive list of features can be found in crates/web-sys/Cargo.toml, but the rule of thumb for web-sys is that each type has its own cargo feature (named after the type). Using an API requires enabling the features for all types used in the API, and APIs should mention in the documentation what features they require.


This API is unstable and requires --cfg=web_sys_unstable_apis to be activated, as described in the wasm-bindgen guide
This API is unstable and requires --cfg=web_sys_unstable_apis to be activated, as described in the wasm-bindgen guide
This API is unstable and requires --cfg=web_sys_unstable_apis to be activated, as described in the wasm-bindgen guide
This API is unstable and requires --cfg=web_sys_unstable_apis to be activated, as described in the wasm-bindgen guide
This API is unstable and requires --cfg=web_sys_unstable_apis to be activated, as described in the wasm-bindgen guide


The AbortController class.
The AbortSignal class.
The AddEventListenerOptions dictionary.
The AesCbcParams dictionary.
The AesCtrParams dictionary.
The AesDerivedKeyParams dictionary.
The AesGcmParams dictionary.
The AesKeyAlgorithm dictionary.
The AesKeyGenParams dictionary.
The Algorithm dictionary.
The AllowedBluetoothDevice dictionary.
The AllowedUsbDevice dictionary.
The AnalyserNode class.
The AnalyserOptions dictionary.
The AngleInstancedArrays class.
The Animation class.
The AnimationEffect class.
The AnimationEvent class.
The AnimationEventInit dictionary.
The AnimationPlaybackEvent class.
The AnimationPlaybackEventInit dictionary.
The AnimationPropertyDetails dictionary.
The AnimationPropertyValueDetails dictionary.
The AnimationTimeline class.
The AssignedNodesOptions dictionary.
The Attr class.
The AttributeNameValue dictionary.
The AudioBuffer class.
The AudioBufferOptions dictionary.
The AudioBufferSourceNode class.
The AudioBufferSourceOptions dictionary.
The AudioConfiguration dictionary.
The AudioContext class.
The AudioContextOptions dictionary.
The AudioData class.
The AudioDataCopyToOptions dictionary.
The AudioDataInit dictionary.
The AudioDecoder class.
The AudioDecoderConfig dictionary.
The AudioDecoderInit dictionary.
The AudioDecoderSupport dictionary.
The AudioDestinationNode class.
The AudioEncoder class.
The AudioEncoderConfig dictionary.
The AudioEncoderInit dictionary.
The AudioEncoderSupport dictionary.
The AudioListener class.
The AudioNode class.
The AudioNodeOptions dictionary.
The AudioParam class.
The AudioParamMap class.
The AudioProcessingEvent class.
The AudioScheduledSourceNode class.
The AudioStreamTrack class.
The AudioTrack class.
The AudioTrackList class.
The AudioWorklet class.
The AudioWorkletGlobalScope class.
The AudioWorkletNode class.
The AudioWorkletNodeOptions dictionary.
The AudioWorkletProcessor class.
The AuthenticationExtensionsClientInputs dictionary.
The AuthenticationExtensionsClientOutputs dictionary.
The AuthenticatorAssertionResponse class.
The AuthenticatorAttestationResponse class.
The AuthenticatorResponse class.
The AuthenticatorSelectionCriteria dictionary.
The AutocompleteInfo dictionary.
The BarProp class.
The BaseAudioContext class.
The BaseComputedKeyframe dictionary.
The BaseKeyframe dictionary.
The BasePropertyIndexedKeyframe dictionary.
The BasicCardRequest dictionary.
The BasicCardResponse dictionary.
The BatteryManager class.
The BeforeUnloadEvent class.
The BiquadFilterNode class.
The BiquadFilterOptions dictionary.
The Blob class.
The BlobEvent class.
The BlobEventInit dictionary.
The BlobPropertyBag dictionary.
The BlockParsingOptions dictionary.
The Bluetooth class.
The BluetoothAdvertisingEvent class.
The BluetoothAdvertisingEventInit dictionary.
The BluetoothCharacteristicProperties class.
The BluetoothDataFilterInit dictionary.
The BluetoothDevice class.
The BluetoothLeScanFilterInit dictionary.
The BluetoothManufacturerDataMap class.
The BluetoothPermissionDescriptor dictionary.
The BluetoothPermissionResult class.
The BluetoothPermissionStorage dictionary.
The BluetoothRemoteGattCharacteristic class.
The BluetoothRemoteGattDescriptor class.
The BluetoothRemoteGattServer class.
The BluetoothRemoteGattService class.
The BluetoothServiceDataMap class.
The BluetoothUuid class.
The BoxQuadOptions dictionary.
The BroadcastChannel class.
The BrowserElementDownloadOptions dictionary.
The BrowserElementExecuteScriptOptions dictionary.
The BrowserFeedWriter class.
The ByteLengthQueuingStrategy class.
The Cache class.
The CacheBatchOperation dictionary.
The CacheQueryOptions dictionary.
The CacheStorage class.
The CanvasCaptureMediaStream class.
The CanvasGradient class.
The CanvasPattern class.
The CanvasRenderingContext2d class.
The CaretPosition class.
The CaretStateChangedEventInit dictionary.
The CdataSection class.
The ChannelMergerNode class.
The ChannelMergerOptions dictionary.
The ChannelSplitterNode class.
The ChannelSplitterOptions dictionary.
The CharacterData class.
The CheckerboardReport dictionary.
The CheckerboardReportService class.
The ChromeFilePropertyBag dictionary.
The ChromeWorker class.
The Client class.
The ClientQueryOptions dictionary.
The ClientRectsAndTexts dictionary.
The Clients class.
The Clipboard class.
The ClipboardEvent class.
The ClipboardEventInit dictionary.
The ClipboardItem class.
The ClipboardItemOptions dictionary.
The ClipboardPermissionDescriptor dictionary.
The CloseEvent class.
The CloseEventInit dictionary.
The CollectedClientData dictionary.
The Comment class.
The CompositionEvent class.
The CompositionEventInit dictionary.
The ComputedEffectTiming dictionary.
The ConnStatusDict dictionary.
The ConsoleCounter dictionary.
The ConsoleCounterError dictionary.
The ConsoleEvent dictionary.
The ConsoleInstance class.
The ConsoleInstanceOptions dictionary.
The ConsoleProfileEvent dictionary.
The ConsoleStackEntry dictionary.
The ConsoleTimerError dictionary.
The ConsoleTimerLogOrEnd dictionary.
The ConsoleTimerStart dictionary.
The ConstantSourceNode class.
The ConstantSourceOptions dictionary.
The ConstrainBooleanParameters dictionary.
The ConstrainDomStringParameters dictionary.
The ConstrainDoubleRange dictionary.
The ConstrainLongRange dictionary.
The ContextAttributes2d dictionary.
The ConvertCoordinateOptions dictionary.
The ConvolverNode class.
The ConvolverOptions dictionary.
The Coordinates class.
The CountQueuingStrategy class.
The Credential class.
The CredentialCreationOptions dictionary.
The CredentialRequestOptions dictionary.
The CredentialsContainer class.
The Crypto class.
The CryptoKey class.
The CryptoKeyPair dictionary.
The Csp dictionary.
The CspPolicies dictionary.
The CspReport dictionary.
The CspReportProperties dictionary.
The CssAnimation class.
The CssConditionRule class.
The CssCounterStyleRule class.
The CssFontFaceRule class.
The CssFontFeatureValuesRule class.
The CssGroupingRule class.
The CssImportRule class.
The CssKeyframeRule class.
The CssKeyframesRule class.
The CssMediaRule class.
The CssNamespaceRule class.
The CssPageRule class.
The CssPseudoElement class.
The CssRule class.
The CssRuleList class.
The CssStyleDeclaration class.
The CssStyleRule class.
The CssStyleSheet class.
The CssSupportsRule class.
The CssTransition class.
The CustomElementRegistry class.
The CustomEvent class.
The CustomEventInit dictionary.
The DataTransfer class.
The DataTransferItem class.
The DataTransferItemList class.
The DateTimeValue dictionary.
The DecoderDoctorNotification dictionary.
The DedicatedWorkerGlobalScope class.
The DelayNode class.
The DelayOptions dictionary.
The DeviceAcceleration class.
The DeviceAccelerationInit dictionary.
The DeviceLightEvent class.
The DeviceLightEventInit dictionary.
The DeviceMotionEvent class.
The DeviceMotionEventInit dictionary.
The DeviceOrientationEvent class.
The DeviceOrientationEventInit dictionary.
The DeviceProximityEvent class.
The DeviceProximityEventInit dictionary.
The DeviceRotationRate class.
The DeviceRotationRateInit dictionary.
The DhKeyDeriveParams dictionary.
The Directory class.
The DisplayMediaStreamConstraints dictionary.
The DisplayNameOptions dictionary.
The DisplayNameResult dictionary.
The DnsCacheDict dictionary.
The DnsCacheEntry dictionary.
The DnsLookupDict dictionary.
The Document class.
The DocumentFragment class.
The DocumentTimeline class.
The DocumentTimelineOptions dictionary.
The DocumentType class.
The DomError class.
The DomException class.
The DomImplementation class.
The DomMatrix class.
The DomMatrixReadOnly class.
The DomParser class.
The DomPoint class.
The DomPointInit dictionary.
The DomPointReadOnly class.
The DomQuad class.
The DomQuadInit dictionary.
The DomQuadJson dictionary.
The DomRect class.
The DomRectInit dictionary.
The DomRectList class.
The DomRectReadOnly class.
The DomRequest class.
The DomStringList class.
The DomStringMap class.
The DomTokenList class.
The DomWindowResizeEventDetail dictionary.
The DragEvent class.
The DragEventInit dictionary.
The DynamicsCompressorNode class.
The DynamicsCompressorOptions dictionary.
The EcKeyAlgorithm dictionary.
The EcKeyGenParams dictionary.
The EcKeyImportParams dictionary.
The EcdhKeyDeriveParams dictionary.
The EcdsaParams dictionary.
The EffectTiming dictionary.
The Element class.
The ElementCreationOptions dictionary.
The ElementDefinitionOptions dictionary.
The EncodedAudioChunk class.
The EncodedAudioChunkInit dictionary.
The EncodedAudioChunkMetadata dictionary.
The EncodedVideoChunk class.
The EncodedVideoChunkInit dictionary.
The EncodedVideoChunkMetadata dictionary.
The ErrorCallback dictionary.
The ErrorEvent class.
The ErrorEventInit dictionary.
The Event class.
The EventInit dictionary.
The EventListener dictionary.
The EventListenerOptions dictionary.
The EventModifierInit dictionary.
The EventSource class.
The EventSourceInit dictionary.
The EventTarget class.
The Exception class.
The ExtBlendMinmax class.
The ExtColorBufferFloat class.
The ExtColorBufferHalfFloat class.
The ExtDisjointTimerQuery class.
The ExtFragDepth class.
The ExtSRgb class.
The ExtShaderTextureLod class.
The ExtTextureFilterAnisotropic class.
The ExtTextureNorm16 class.
The ExtendableEvent class.
The ExtendableEventInit dictionary.
The ExtendableMessageEvent class.
The ExtendableMessageEventInit dictionary.
The External class.
The FakePluginMimeEntry dictionary.
The FakePluginTagInit dictionary.
The FetchEvent class.
The FetchEventInit dictionary.
The FetchObserver class.
The FetchReadableStreamReadDataArray dictionary.
The FetchReadableStreamReadDataDone dictionary.
The File class.
The FileCallback dictionary.
The FileList class.
The FilePropertyBag dictionary.
The FileReader class.
The FileReaderSync class.
The FileSystem class.
The FileSystemDirectoryEntry class.
The FileSystemDirectoryReader class.
The FileSystemEntriesCallback dictionary.
The FileSystemEntry class.
The FileSystemEntryCallback dictionary.
The FileSystemFileEntry class.
The FileSystemFlags dictionary.
The FocusEvent class.
The FocusEventInit dictionary.
The FontFace class.
The FontFaceDescriptors dictionary.
The FontFaceSet class.
The FontFaceSetIterator class.
The FontFaceSetIteratorResult dictionary.
The FontFaceSetLoadEvent class.
The FontFaceSetLoadEventInit dictionary.
The FormData class.
The FuzzingFunctions class.
The GainNode class.
The GainOptions dictionary.
The Gamepad class.
The GamepadAxisMoveEvent class.
The GamepadAxisMoveEventInit dictionary.
The GamepadButton class.
The GamepadButtonEvent class.
The GamepadButtonEventInit dictionary.
The GamepadEvent class.
The GamepadEventInit dictionary.
The GamepadHapticActuator class.
The GamepadPose class.
The GamepadServiceTest class.
The Geolocation class.
The GetNotificationOptions dictionary.
The GetRootNodeOptions dictionary.
The GetUserMediaRequest class.
The Gpu class.
The GpuAdapter class.
The GpuAdapterInfo class.
The GpuBindGroup class.
The GpuBindGroupDescriptor dictionary.
The GpuBindGroupEntry dictionary.
The GpuBindGroupLayout class.
The GpuBindGroupLayoutDescriptor dictionary.
The GpuBindGroupLayoutEntry dictionary.
The GpuBlendComponent dictionary.
The GpuBlendState dictionary.
The GpuBuffer class.
The GpuBufferBinding dictionary.
The GpuBufferBindingLayout dictionary.
The GpuBufferDescriptor dictionary.
The GpuCanvasConfiguration dictionary.
The GpuCanvasContext class.
The GpuColorDict dictionary.
The GpuColorTargetState dictionary.
The GpuCommandBuffer class.
The GpuCommandBufferDescriptor dictionary.
The GpuCommandEncoder class.
The GpuCommandEncoderDescriptor dictionary.
The GpuCompilationInfo class.
The GpuCompilationMessage class.
The GpuComputePassDescriptor dictionary.
The GpuComputePassEncoder class.
The GpuComputePassTimestampWrite dictionary.
The GpuComputePipeline class.
The GpuComputePipelineDescriptor dictionary.
The GpuDepthStencilState dictionary.
The GpuDevice class.
The GpuDeviceDescriptor dictionary.
The GpuDeviceLostInfo class.
The GpuError class.
The GpuExtent3dDict dictionary.
The GpuExternalTexture class.
The GpuExternalTextureBindingLayout dictionary.
The GpuExternalTextureDescriptor dictionary.
The GpuFragmentState dictionary.
The GpuImageCopyBuffer dictionary.
The GpuImageCopyExternalImage dictionary.
The GpuImageCopyTexture dictionary.
The GpuImageCopyTextureTagged dictionary.
The GpuImageDataLayout dictionary.
The GpuInternalError class.
The GpuMultisampleState dictionary.
The GpuObjectDescriptorBase dictionary.
The GpuOrigin2dDict dictionary.
The GpuOrigin3dDict dictionary.
The GpuOutOfMemoryError class.
The GpuPipelineDescriptorBase dictionary.
The GpuPipelineLayout class.
The GpuPipelineLayoutDescriptor dictionary.
The GpuPrimitiveState dictionary.
The GpuProgrammableStage dictionary.
The GpuQuerySet class.
The GpuQuerySetDescriptor dictionary.
The GpuQueue class.
The GpuQueueDescriptor dictionary.
The GpuRenderBundle class.
The GpuRenderBundleDescriptor dictionary.
The GpuRenderBundleEncoder class.
The GpuRenderBundleEncoderDescriptor dictionary.
The GpuRenderPassColorAttachment dictionary.
The GpuRenderPassDepthStencilAttachment dictionary.
The GpuRenderPassDescriptor dictionary.
The GpuRenderPassEncoder class.
The GpuRenderPassLayout dictionary.
The GpuRenderPassTimestampWrite dictionary.
The GpuRenderPipeline class.
The GpuRenderPipelineDescriptor dictionary.
The GpuRequestAdapterOptions dictionary.
The GpuSampler class.
The GpuSamplerBindingLayout dictionary.
The GpuSamplerDescriptor dictionary.
The GpuShaderModule class.
The GpuShaderModuleCompilationHint dictionary.
The GpuShaderModuleDescriptor dictionary.
The GpuStencilFaceState dictionary.
The GpuStorageTextureBindingLayout dictionary.
The GpuSupportedFeatures class.
The GpuSupportedLimits class.
The GpuTexture class.
The GpuTextureBindingLayout dictionary.
The GpuTextureDescriptor dictionary.
The GpuTextureView class.
The GpuTextureViewDescriptor dictionary.
The GpuUncapturedErrorEvent class.
The GpuUncapturedErrorEventInit dictionary.
The GpuValidationError class.
The GpuVertexAttribute dictionary.
The GpuVertexBufferLayout dictionary.
The GpuVertexState dictionary.
The GroupedHistoryEventInit dictionary.
The HalfOpenInfoDict dictionary.
The HashChangeEvent class.
The HashChangeEventInit dictionary.
The Headers class.
The Hid class.
The HidCollectionInfo dictionary.
The HidConnectionEvent class.
The HidConnectionEventInit dictionary.
The HidDevice class.
The HidDeviceFilter dictionary.
The HidDeviceRequestOptions dictionary.
The HidInputReportEvent class.
The HidInputReportEventInit dictionary.
The HidReportInfo dictionary.
The HidReportItem dictionary.
The HiddenPluginEventInit dictionary.
The History class.
The HitRegionOptions dictionary.
The HkdfParams dictionary.
The HmacDerivedKeyParams dictionary.
The HmacImportParams dictionary.
The HmacKeyAlgorithm dictionary.
The HmacKeyGenParams dictionary.
The HtmlAllCollection class.
The HtmlAnchorElement class.
The HtmlAreaElement class.
The HtmlAudioElement class.
The HtmlBaseElement class.
The HtmlBodyElement class.
The HtmlBrElement class.
The HtmlButtonElement class.
The HtmlCanvasElement class.
The HtmlCollection class.
The HtmlDListElement class.
The HtmlDataElement class.
The HtmlDataListElement class.
The HtmlDetailsElement class.
The HtmlDialogElement class.
The HtmlDirectoryElement class.
The HtmlDivElement class.
The HtmlDocument class.
The HtmlElement class.
The HtmlEmbedElement class.
The HtmlFieldSetElement class.
The HtmlFontElement class.
The HtmlFormControlsCollection class.
The HtmlFormElement class.
The HtmlFrameElement class.
The HtmlFrameSetElement class.
The HtmlHeadElement class.
The HtmlHeadingElement class.
The HtmlHrElement class.
The HtmlHtmlElement class.
The HtmlIFrameElement class.
The HtmlImageElement class.
The HtmlInputElement class.
The HtmlLabelElement class.
The HtmlLegendElement class.
The HtmlLiElement class.
The HtmlLinkElement class.
The HtmlMapElement class.
The HtmlMediaElement class.
The HtmlMenuElement class.
The HtmlMenuItemElement class.
The HtmlMetaElement class.
The HtmlMeterElement class.
The HtmlModElement class.
The HtmlOListElement class.
The HtmlObjectElement class.
The HtmlOptGroupElement class.
The HtmlOptionElement class.
The HtmlOptionsCollection class.
The HtmlOutputElement class.
The HtmlParagraphElement class.
The HtmlParamElement class.
The HtmlPictureElement class.
The HtmlPreElement class.
The HtmlProgressElement class.
The HtmlQuoteElement class.
The HtmlScriptElement class.
The HtmlSelectElement class.
The HtmlSlotElement class.
The HtmlSourceElement class.
The HtmlSpanElement class.
The HtmlStyleElement class.
The HtmlTableCaptionElement class.
The HtmlTableCellElement class.
The HtmlTableColElement class.
The HtmlTableElement class.
The HtmlTableRowElement class.
The HtmlTableSectionElement class.
The HtmlTemplateElement class.
The HtmlTextAreaElement class.
The HtmlTimeElement class.
The HtmlTitleElement class.
The HtmlTrackElement class.
The HtmlUListElement class.
The HtmlUnknownElement class.
The HtmlVideoElement class.
The HttpConnDict dictionary.
The HttpConnInfo dictionary.
The HttpConnectionElement dictionary.
The IdbCursor class.
The IdbCursorWithValue class.
The IdbDatabase class.
The IdbFactory class.
The IdbFileHandle class.
The IdbFileMetadataParameters dictionary.
The IdbFileRequest class.
The IdbIndex class.
The IdbIndexParameters dictionary.
The IdbKeyRange class.
The IdbLocaleAwareKeyRange class.
The IdbMutableFile class.
The IdbObjectStore class.
The IdbObjectStoreParameters dictionary.
The IdbOpenDbOptions dictionary.
The IdbOpenDbRequest class.
The IdbRequest class.
The IdbTransaction class.
The IdbVersionChangeEvent class.
The IdbVersionChangeEventInit dictionary.
The IdleDeadline class.
The IdleRequestOptions dictionary.
The IirFilterNode class.
The IirFilterOptions dictionary.
The ImageBitmap class.
The ImageBitmapOptions dictionary.
The ImageBitmapRenderingContext class.
The ImageCapture class.
The ImageCaptureError class.
The ImageCaptureErrorEvent class.
The ImageCaptureErrorEventInit dictionary.
The ImageData class.
The ImageDecodeOptions dictionary.
The ImageDecodeResult dictionary.
The ImageDecoder class.
The ImageDecoderInit dictionary.
The ImageTrack class.
The ImageTrackList class.
The InputEvent class.
The InputEventInit dictionary.
The InstallTriggerData dictionary.
The IntersectionObserver class.
The IntersectionObserverEntry class.
The IntersectionObserverEntryInit dictionary.
The IntersectionObserverInit dictionary.
The IntlUtils class.
The IterableKeyAndValueResult dictionary.
The IterableKeyOrValueResult dictionary.
The JsonWebKey dictionary.
The KeyAlgorithm dictionary.
The KeyEvent class.
The KeyIdsInitData dictionary.
The KeyboardEvent class.
The KeyboardEventInit dictionary.
The KeyframeEffect class.
The KeyframeEffectOptions dictionary.
The L10nElement dictionary.
The L10nValue dictionary.
The LifecycleCallbacks dictionary.
The ListBoxObject class.
The LocalMediaStream class.
The LocaleInfo dictionary.
The Location class.
The MediaCapabilities class.
The MediaCapabilitiesInfo class.
The MediaConfiguration dictionary.
The MediaDecodingConfiguration dictionary.
The MediaDeviceInfo class.
The MediaDevices class.
The MediaElementAudioSourceNode class.
The MediaElementAudioSourceOptions dictionary.
The MediaEncodingConfiguration dictionary.
The MediaEncryptedEvent class.
The MediaError class.
The MediaImage dictionary.
The MediaKeyError class.
The MediaKeyMessageEvent class.
The MediaKeyMessageEventInit dictionary.
The MediaKeyNeededEventInit dictionary.
The MediaKeySession class.
The MediaKeyStatusMap class.
The MediaKeySystemAccess class.
The MediaKeySystemConfiguration dictionary.
The MediaKeySystemMediaCapability dictionary.
The MediaKeys class.
The MediaKeysPolicy dictionary.
The MediaList class.
The MediaMetadata class.
The MediaMetadataInit dictionary.
The MediaPositionState dictionary.
The MediaQueryList class.
The MediaQueryListEvent class.
The MediaQueryListEventInit dictionary.
The MediaRecorder class.
The MediaRecorderErrorEvent class.
The MediaRecorderErrorEventInit dictionary.
The MediaRecorderOptions dictionary.
The MediaSession class.
The MediaSessionActionDetails dictionary.
The MediaSource class.
The MediaStream class.
The MediaStreamAudioDestinationNode class.
The MediaStreamAudioSourceNode class.
The MediaStreamAudioSourceOptions dictionary.
The MediaStreamConstraints dictionary.
The MediaStreamError class.
The MediaStreamEvent class.
The MediaStreamEventInit dictionary.
The MediaStreamTrack class.
The MediaStreamTrackEvent class.
The MediaStreamTrackEventInit dictionary.
The MediaStreamTrackGenerator class.
The MediaStreamTrackGeneratorInit dictionary.
The MediaStreamTrackProcessor class.
The MediaStreamTrackProcessorInit dictionary.
The MediaTrackConstraintSet dictionary.
The MediaTrackConstraints dictionary.
The MediaTrackSettings dictionary.
The MediaTrackSupportedConstraints dictionary.
The MessageChannel class.
The MessageEvent class.
The MessageEventInit dictionary.
The MessagePort class.
The MidiAccess class.
The MidiConnectionEvent class.
The MidiConnectionEventInit dictionary.
The MidiInput class.
The MidiInputMap class.
The MidiMessageEvent class.
The MidiMessageEventInit dictionary.
The MidiOptions dictionary.
The MidiOutput class.
The MidiOutputMap class.
The MidiPort class.
The MimeType class.
The MimeTypeArray class.
The MouseEvent class.
The MouseEventInit dictionary.
The MouseScrollEvent class.
The MozDebug class.
The MutationEvent class.
The MutationObserver class.
The MutationObserverInit dictionary.
The MutationObservingInfo dictionary.
The MutationRecord class.
The NamedNodeMap class.
The NativeOsFileReadOptions dictionary.
The NativeOsFileWriteAtomicOptions dictionary.
The Navigator class.
The NavigatorAutomationInformation class.
The NetworkCommandOptions dictionary.
The NetworkInformation class.
The NetworkResultOptions dictionary.
The Node class.
The NodeFilter dictionary.
The NodeIterator class.
The NodeList class.
The Notification class.
The NotificationBehavior dictionary.
The NotificationEvent class.
The NotificationEventInit dictionary.
The NotificationOptions dictionary.
The ObserverCallback dictionary.
The OesElementIndexUint class.
The OesStandardDerivatives class.
The OesTextureFloat class.
The OesTextureFloatLinear class.
The OesTextureHalfFloat class.
The OesTextureHalfFloatLinear class.
The OesVertexArrayObject class.
The OfflineAudioCompletionEvent class.
The OfflineAudioCompletionEventInit dictionary.
The OfflineAudioContext class.
The OfflineAudioContextOptions dictionary.
The OfflineResourceList class.
The OffscreenCanvas class.
The OpenWindowEventDetail dictionary.
The OptionalEffectTiming dictionary.
The OscillatorNode class.
The OscillatorOptions dictionary.
The OvrMultiview2 class.
The PageTransitionEvent class.
The PageTransitionEventInit dictionary.
The PaintRequest class.
The PaintRequestList class.
The PaintWorkletGlobalScope class.
The PannerNode class.
The PannerOptions dictionary.
The Path2d class.
The PaymentAddress class.
The PaymentMethodChangeEvent class.
The PaymentMethodChangeEventInit dictionary.
The PaymentRequestUpdateEvent class.
The PaymentRequestUpdateEventInit dictionary.
The PaymentResponse class.
The Pbkdf2Params dictionary.
The Performance class.
The PerformanceEntry class.
The PerformanceEntryEventInit dictionary.
The PerformanceEntryFilterOptions dictionary.
The PerformanceMark class.
The PerformanceMeasure class.
The PerformanceNavigation class.
The PerformanceNavigationTiming class.
The PerformanceObserver class.
The PerformanceObserverEntryList class.
The PerformanceObserverInit dictionary.
The PerformanceResourceTiming class.
The PerformanceServerTiming class.
The PerformanceTiming class.
The PeriodicWave class.
The PeriodicWaveConstraints dictionary.
The PeriodicWaveOptions dictionary.
The PermissionDescriptor dictionary.
The PermissionStatus class.
The Permissions class.
The PlaneLayout dictionary.
The Plugin class.
The PluginArray class.
The PluginCrashedEventInit dictionary.
The PointerEvent class.
The PointerEventInit dictionary.
The PopStateEvent class.
The PopStateEventInit dictionary.
The PopupBlockedEvent class.
The PopupBlockedEventInit dictionary.
The Position class.
The PositionError class.
The PositionOptions dictionary.
The Presentation class.
The PresentationAvailability class.
The PresentationConnection class.
The PresentationConnectionAvailableEvent class.
The PresentationConnectionAvailableEventInit dictionary.
The PresentationConnectionCloseEvent class.
The PresentationConnectionCloseEventInit dictionary.
The PresentationConnectionList class.
The PresentationReceiver class.
The PresentationRequest class.
The ProcessingInstruction class.
The ProfileTimelineLayerRect dictionary.
The ProfileTimelineMarker dictionary.
The ProfileTimelineStackFrame dictionary.
The ProgressEvent class.
The ProgressEventInit dictionary.
The PromiseNativeHandler class.
The PromiseRejectionEvent class.
The PromiseRejectionEventInit dictionary.
The PublicKeyCredential class.
The PublicKeyCredentialCreationOptions dictionary.
The PublicKeyCredentialDescriptor dictionary.
The PublicKeyCredentialEntity dictionary.
The PublicKeyCredentialParameters dictionary.
The PublicKeyCredentialRequestOptions dictionary.
The PublicKeyCredentialRpEntity dictionary.
The PublicKeyCredentialUserEntity dictionary.
The PushEvent class.
The PushEventInit dictionary.
The PushManager class.
The PushMessageData class.
The PushSubscription class.
The PushSubscriptionInit dictionary.
The PushSubscriptionJson dictionary.
The PushSubscriptionKeys dictionary.
The PushSubscriptionOptions class.
The PushSubscriptionOptionsInit dictionary.
The QueuingStrategy dictionary.
The QueuingStrategyInit dictionary.
The RadioNodeList class.
The Range class.
The RcwnPerfStats dictionary.
The RcwnStatus dictionary.
The ReadableByteStreamController class.
The ReadableStream class.
The ReadableStreamByobReader class.
The ReadableStreamByobRequest class.
The ReadableStreamDefaultController class.
The ReadableStreamDefaultReader class.
The ReadableStreamGetReaderOptions dictionary.
The ReadableStreamIteratorOptions dictionary.
The ReadableStreamReadResult dictionary.
The ReadableWritablePair dictionary.
The RegisterRequest dictionary.
The RegisterResponse dictionary.
The RegisteredKey dictionary.
The RegistrationOptions dictionary.
The Request class.
The RequestDeviceOptions dictionary.
The RequestInit dictionary.
The RequestMediaKeySystemAccessNotification dictionary.
The ResizeObserver class.
The ResizeObserverEntry class.
The ResizeObserverOptions dictionary.
The ResizeObserverSize class.
The Response class.
The ResponseInit dictionary.
The RsaHashedImportParams dictionary.
The RsaOaepParams dictionary.
The RsaOtherPrimesInfo dictionary.
The RsaPssParams dictionary.
The RtcAnswerOptions dictionary.
The RtcCertificate class.
The RtcCertificateExpiration dictionary.
The RtcCodecStats dictionary.
The RtcConfiguration dictionary.
The RtcDataChannel class.
The RtcDataChannelEvent class.
The RtcDataChannelEventInit dictionary.
The RtcDataChannelInit dictionary.
The RtcFecParameters dictionary.
The RtcIceCandidate class.
The RtcIceCandidateInit dictionary.
The RtcIceCandidatePairStats dictionary.
The RtcIceCandidateStats dictionary.
The RtcIceComponentStats dictionary.
The RtcIceServer dictionary.
The RtcIdentityAssertion dictionary.
The RtcIdentityAssertionResult dictionary.
The RtcIdentityProvider dictionary.
The RtcIdentityProviderDetails dictionary.
The RtcIdentityProviderOptions dictionary.
The RtcIdentityProviderRegistrar class.
The RtcIdentityValidationResult dictionary.
The RtcInboundRtpStreamStats dictionary.
The RtcMediaStreamStats dictionary.
The RtcMediaStreamTrackStats dictionary.
The RtcOfferAnswerOptions dictionary.
The RtcOfferOptions dictionary.
The RtcOutboundRtpStreamStats dictionary.
The RtcPeerConnection class.
The RtcPeerConnectionIceEvent class.
The RtcPeerConnectionIceEventInit dictionary.
The RtcRtcpParameters dictionary.
The RtcRtpCodecParameters dictionary.
The RtcRtpContributingSource dictionary.
The RtcRtpEncodingParameters dictionary.
The RtcRtpHeaderExtensionParameters dictionary.
The RtcRtpParameters dictionary.
The RtcRtpReceiver class.
The RtcRtpSender class.
The RtcRtpSourceEntry dictionary.
The RtcRtpSynchronizationSource dictionary.
The RtcRtpTransceiver class.
The RtcRtpTransceiverInit dictionary.
The RtcRtxParameters dictionary.
The RtcSessionDescription class.
The RtcSessionDescriptionInit dictionary.
The RtcStats dictionary.
The RtcStatsReport class.
The RtcStatsReportInternal dictionary.
The RtcTrackEvent class.
The RtcTrackEventInit dictionary.
The RtcTransportStats dictionary.
The RtcdtmfSender class.
The RtcdtmfToneChangeEvent class.
The RtcdtmfToneChangeEventInit dictionary.
The RtcrtpContributingSourceStats dictionary.
The RtcrtpStreamStats dictionary.
The Screen class.
The ScreenLuminance class.
The ScreenOrientation class.
The ScriptProcessorNode class.
The ScrollAreaEvent class.
The ScrollBoxObject class.
The ScrollIntoViewOptions dictionary.
The ScrollOptions dictionary.
The ScrollToOptions dictionary.
The ScrollViewChangeEventInit dictionary.
The SecurityPolicyViolationEvent class.
The SecurityPolicyViolationEventInit dictionary.
The Selection class.
The Serial class.
The SerialInputSignals dictionary.
The SerialOptions dictionary.
The SerialOutputSignals dictionary.
The SerialPort class.
The SerialPortFilter dictionary.
The SerialPortInfo dictionary.
The SerialPortRequestOptions dictionary.
The ServerSocketOptions dictionary.
The ServiceWorker class.
The ServiceWorkerContainer class.
The ServiceWorkerGlobalScope class.
The ServiceWorkerRegistration class.
The ShadowRoot class.
The ShadowRootInit dictionary.
The ShareData dictionary.
The SharedWorker class.
The SharedWorkerGlobalScope class.
The SignResponse dictionary.
The SocketElement dictionary.
The SocketOptions dictionary.
The SocketsDict dictionary.
The SourceBuffer class.
The SourceBufferList class.
The SpeechGrammar class.
The SpeechGrammarList class.
The SpeechRecognition class.
The SpeechRecognitionAlternative class.
The SpeechRecognitionError class.
The SpeechRecognitionErrorInit dictionary.
The SpeechRecognitionEvent class.
The SpeechRecognitionEventInit dictionary.
The SpeechRecognitionResult class.
The SpeechRecognitionResultList class.
The SpeechSynthesis class.
The SpeechSynthesisErrorEvent class.
The SpeechSynthesisErrorEventInit dictionary.
The SpeechSynthesisEvent class.
The SpeechSynthesisEventInit dictionary.
The SpeechSynthesisUtterance class.
The SpeechSynthesisVoice class.
The StereoPannerNode class.
The StereoPannerOptions dictionary.
The Storage class.
The StorageEstimate dictionary.
The StorageEvent class.
The StorageEventInit dictionary.
The StorageManager class.
The StreamPipeOptions dictionary.
The StyleRuleChangeEventInit dictionary.
The StyleSheet class.
The StyleSheetApplicableStateChangeEventInit dictionary.
The StyleSheetChangeEventInit dictionary.
The StyleSheetList class.
The SubmitEvent class.
The SubmitEventInit dictionary.
The SubtleCrypto class.
The SvcOutputMetadata dictionary.
The SvgAngle class.
The SvgAnimateElement class.
The SvgAnimateMotionElement class.
The SvgAnimateTransformElement class.
The SvgAnimatedAngle class.
The SvgAnimatedBoolean class.
The SvgAnimatedEnumeration class.
The SvgAnimatedInteger class.
The SvgAnimatedLength class.
The SvgAnimatedLengthList class.
The SvgAnimatedNumber class.
The SvgAnimatedNumberList class.
The SvgAnimatedPreserveAspectRatio class.
The SvgAnimatedRect class.
The SvgAnimatedString class.
The SvgAnimatedTransformList class.
The SvgAnimationElement class.
The SvgBoundingBoxOptions dictionary.
The SvgCircleElement class.
The SvgClipPathElement class.
The SvgComponentTransferFunctionElement class.
The SvgDefsElement class.
The SvgDescElement class.
The SvgElement class.
The SvgEllipseElement class.
The SvgFilterElement class.
The SvgForeignObjectElement class.
The SvgGeometryElement class.
The SvgGradientElement class.
The SvgGraphicsElement class.
The SvgImageElement class.
The SvgLength class.
The SvgLengthList class.
The SvgLineElement class.
The SvgLinearGradientElement class.
The SvgMarkerElement class.
The SvgMaskElement class.
The SvgMatrix class.
The SvgMetadataElement class.
The SvgNumber class.
The SvgNumberList class.
The SvgPathElement class.
The SvgPathSeg class.
The SvgPathSegArcAbs class.
The SvgPathSegArcRel class.
The SvgPathSegClosePath class.
The SvgPathSegCurvetoCubicAbs class.
The SvgPathSegCurvetoCubicRel class.
The SvgPathSegCurvetoCubicSmoothAbs class.
The SvgPathSegCurvetoCubicSmoothRel class.
The SvgPathSegCurvetoQuadraticAbs class.
The SvgPathSegCurvetoQuadraticRel class.
The SvgPathSegCurvetoQuadraticSmoothAbs class.
The SvgPathSegCurvetoQuadraticSmoothRel class.
The SvgPathSegLinetoAbs class.
The SvgPathSegLinetoHorizontalAbs class.
The SvgPathSegLinetoHorizontalRel class.
The SvgPathSegLinetoRel class.
The SvgPathSegLinetoVerticalAbs class.
The SvgPathSegLinetoVerticalRel class.
The SvgPathSegList class.
The SvgPathSegMovetoAbs class.
The SvgPathSegMovetoRel class.
The SvgPatternElement class.
The SvgPoint class.
The SvgPointList class.
The SvgPolygonElement class.
The SvgPolylineElement class.
The SvgPreserveAspectRatio class.
The SvgRadialGradientElement class.
The SvgRect class.
The SvgRectElement class.
The SvgScriptElement class.
The SvgSetElement class.
The SvgStopElement class.
The SvgStringList class.
The SvgStyleElement class.
The SvgSwitchElement class.
The SvgSymbolElement class.
The SvgTextContentElement class.
The SvgTextElement class.
The SvgTextPathElement class.
The SvgTextPositioningElement class.
The SvgTitleElement class.
The SvgTransform class.
The SvgTransformList class.
The SvgUnitTypes class.
The SvgUseElement class.
The SvgViewElement class.
The SvgZoomAndPan class.
The SvgaElement class.
The SvgfeBlendElement class.
The SvgfeColorMatrixElement class.
The SvgfeComponentTransferElement class.
The SvgfeCompositeElement class.
The SvgfeConvolveMatrixElement class.
The SvgfeDiffuseLightingElement class.
The SvgfeDisplacementMapElement class.
The SvgfeDistantLightElement class.
The SvgfeDropShadowElement class.
The SvgfeFloodElement class.
The SvgfeFuncAElement class.
The SvgfeFuncBElement class.
The SvgfeFuncGElement class.
The SvgfeFuncRElement class.
The SvgfeGaussianBlurElement class.
The SvgfeImageElement class.
The SvgfeMergeElement class.
The SvgfeMergeNodeElement class.
The SvgfeMorphologyElement class.
The SvgfeOffsetElement class.
The SvgfePointLightElement class.
The SvgfeSpecularLightingElement class.
The SvgfeSpotLightElement class.
The SvgfeTileElement class.
The SvgfeTurbulenceElement class.
The SvggElement class.
The SvgmPathElement class.
The SvgsvgElement class.
The SvgtSpanElement class.
The TcpServerSocket class.
The TcpServerSocketEvent class.
The TcpServerSocketEventInit dictionary.
The TcpSocket class.
The TcpSocketErrorEvent class.
The TcpSocketErrorEventInit dictionary.
The TcpSocketEvent class.
The TcpSocketEventInit dictionary.
The Text class.
The TextDecodeOptions dictionary.
The TextDecoder class.
The TextDecoderOptions dictionary.
The TextEncoder class.
The TextMetrics class.
The TextTrack class.
The TextTrackCue class.
The TextTrackCueList class.
The TextTrackList class.
The TimeEvent class.
The TimeRanges class.
The Touch class.
The TouchEvent class.
The TouchEventInit dictionary.
The TouchInit dictionary.
The TouchList class.
The TrackEvent class.
The TrackEventInit dictionary.
The TransformStream class.
The TransformStreamDefaultController class.
The Transformer dictionary.
The TransitionEvent class.
The TransitionEventInit dictionary.
The TreeBoxObject class.
The TreeCellInfo dictionary.
The TreeView class.
The TreeWalker class.
The U2f class.
The U2fClientData dictionary.
The UdpMessageEventInit dictionary.
The UdpOptions dictionary.
The UiEvent class.
The UiEventInit dictionary.
The UnderlyingSink dictionary.
The UnderlyingSource dictionary.
The Url class.
The UrlSearchParams class.
The Usb class.
The UsbAlternateInterface class.
The UsbConfiguration class.
The UsbConnectionEvent class.
The UsbConnectionEventInit dictionary.
The UsbControlTransferParameters dictionary.
The UsbDevice class.
The UsbDeviceFilter dictionary.
The UsbDeviceRequestOptions dictionary.
The UsbEndpoint class.
The UsbInTransferResult class.
The UsbInterface class.
The UsbIsochronousInTransferPacket class.
The UsbIsochronousInTransferResult class.
The UsbIsochronousOutTransferPacket class.
The UsbIsochronousOutTransferResult class.
The UsbOutTransferResult class.
The UsbPermissionDescriptor dictionary.
The UsbPermissionResult class.
The UsbPermissionStorage dictionary.
The UserProximityEvent class.
The UserProximityEventInit dictionary.
The ValidityState class.
The ValueEvent class.
The ValueEventInit dictionary.
The VideoColorSpace class.
The VideoColorSpaceInit dictionary.
The VideoConfiguration dictionary.
The VideoDecoder class.
The VideoDecoderConfig dictionary.
The VideoDecoderInit dictionary.
The VideoDecoderSupport dictionary.
The VideoEncoder class.
The VideoEncoderConfig dictionary.
The VideoEncoderEncodeOptions dictionary.
The VideoEncoderInit dictionary.
The VideoEncoderSupport dictionary.
The VideoFrame class.
The VideoFrameBufferInit dictionary.
The VideoFrameCopyToOptions dictionary.
The VideoFrameInit dictionary.
The VideoPlaybackQuality class.
The VideoStreamTrack class.
The VideoTrack class.
The VideoTrackList class.
The VoidCallback dictionary.
The VrDisplay class.
The VrDisplayCapabilities class.
The VrEyeParameters class.
The VrFieldOfView class.
The VrFrameData class.
The VrLayer dictionary.
The VrMockController class.
The VrMockDisplay class.
The VrPose class.
The VrServiceTest class.
The VrStageParameters class.
The VrSubmitFrameResult class.
The VttCue class.
The VttRegion class.
The WakeLock class.
The WakeLockSentinel class.
The WatchAdvertisementsOptions dictionary.
The WaveShaperNode class.
The WaveShaperOptions dictionary.
The WebGl2RenderingContext class.
The WebGlActiveInfo class.
The WebGlBuffer class.
The WebGlContextAttributes dictionary.
The WebGlContextEvent class.
The WebGlContextEventInit dictionary.
The WebGlFramebuffer class.
The WebGlProgram class.
The WebGlQuery class.
The WebGlRenderbuffer class.
The WebGlRenderingContext class.
The WebGlSampler class.
The WebGlShader class.
The WebGlShaderPrecisionFormat class.
The WebGlSync class.
The WebGlTexture class.
The WebGlTransformFeedback class.
The WebGlUniformLocation class.
The WebGlVertexArrayObject class.
The WebKitCssMatrix class.
The WebSocket class.
The WebSocketDict dictionary.
The WebSocketElement dictionary.
The WebglColorBufferFloat class.
The WebglCompressedTextureAstc class.
The WebglCompressedTextureAtc class.
The WebglCompressedTextureEtc class.
The WebglCompressedTextureEtc1 class.
The WebglCompressedTexturePvrtc class.
The WebglCompressedTextureS3tc class.
The WebglCompressedTextureS3tcSrgb class.
The WebglDebugRendererInfo class.
The WebglDebugShaders class.
The WebglDepthTexture class.
The WebglDrawBuffers class.
The WebglLoseContext class.
The WebglMultiDraw class.
The WebrtcGlobalStatisticsReport dictionary.
The WheelEvent class.
The WheelEventInit dictionary.
The WidevineCdmManifest dictionary.
The Window class.
The WindowClient class.
The Worker class.
The WorkerDebuggerGlobalScope class.
The WorkerGlobalScope class.
The WorkerLocation class.
The WorkerNavigator class.
The WorkerOptions dictionary.
The Worklet class.
The WorkletGlobalScope class.
The WorkletOptions dictionary.
The WritableStream class.
The WritableStreamDefaultController class.
The WritableStreamDefaultWriter class.
The XPathExpression class.
The XPathNsResolver dictionary.
The XPathResult class.
The XmlDocument class.
The XmlHttpRequest class.
The XmlHttpRequestEventTarget class.
The XmlHttpRequestUpload class.
The XmlSerializer class.
The XrBoundedReferenceSpace class.
The XrFrame class.
The XrHand class.
The XrInputSource class.
The XrInputSourceArray class.
The XrInputSourceEvent class.
The XrInputSourceEventInit dictionary.
The XrInputSourcesChangeEvent class.
The XrInputSourcesChangeEventInit dictionary.
The XrJointPose class.
The XrJointSpace class.
The XrLayer class.
The XrPermissionDescriptor dictionary.
The XrPermissionStatus class.
The XrPose class.
The XrReferenceSpace class.
The XrReferenceSpaceEvent class.
The XrReferenceSpaceEventInit dictionary.
The XrRenderState class.
The XrRenderStateInit dictionary.
The XrRigidTransform class.
The XrSession class.
The XrSessionEvent class.
The XrSessionEventInit dictionary.
The XrSessionInit dictionary.
The XrSessionSupportedPermissionDescriptor dictionary.
The XrSpace class.
The XrSystem class.
The XrView class.
The XrViewerPose class.
The XrViewport class.
The XrWebGlLayer class.
The XrWebGlLayerInit dictionary.
The XsltProcessor class.


The AlignSetting enum.
The AlphaOption enum.
The AnimationPlayState enum.
The AttestationConveyancePreference enum.
The AudioContextState enum.
The AudioSampleFormat enum.
The AuthenticatorAttachment enum.
The AuthenticatorTransport enum.
The AutoKeyword enum.
The BasicCardType enum.
The BinaryType enum.
The BiquadFilterType enum.
The BrowserFindCaseSensitivity enum.
The BrowserFindDirection enum.
The CacheStorageNamespace enum.
The CanvasWindingRule enum.
The CaretChangedReason enum.
The ChannelCountMode enum.
The ChannelInterpretation enum.
The CheckerboardReason enum.
The ClientType enum.
The CodecState enum.
The ColorSpaceConversion enum.
The CompositeOperation enum.
The ConnectionType enum.
The ConsoleLevel enum.
The ConsoleLogLevel enum.
The CssBoxType enum.
The CssStyleSheetParsingMode enum.
The DecoderDoctorNotificationType enum.
The DirectionSetting enum.
The DistanceModelType enum.
The DomRequestReadyState enum.
The EncodedAudioChunkType enum.
The EncodedVideoChunkType enum.
The EndingTypes enum.
The FetchState enum.
The FillMode enum.
The FlashClassification enum.
The FlexLineGrowthState enum.
The FlowControlType enum.
The FontFaceLoadStatus enum.
The FontFaceSetLoadStatus enum.
The FrameType enum.
The GamepadHand enum.
The GamepadHapticActuatorType enum.
The GamepadMappingType enum.
The GpuAddressMode enum.
The GpuAutoLayoutMode enum.
The GpuBlendFactor enum.
The GpuBlendOperation enum.
The GpuBufferBindingType enum.
The GpuBufferMapState enum.
The GpuCanvasAlphaMode enum.
The GpuCompareFunction enum.
The GpuCompilationMessageType enum.
The GpuComputePassTimestampLocation enum.
The GpuCullMode enum.
The GpuDeviceLostReason enum.
The GpuErrorFilter enum.
The GpuFeatureName enum.
The GpuFilterMode enum.
The GpuFrontFace enum.
The GpuIndexFormat enum.
The GpuLoadOp enum.
The GpuMipmapFilterMode enum.
The GpuPowerPreference enum.
The GpuPrimitiveTopology enum.
The GpuQueryType enum.
The GpuRenderPassTimestampLocation enum.
The GpuSamplerBindingType enum.
The GpuStencilOperation enum.
The GpuStorageTextureAccess enum.
The GpuStoreOp enum.
The GpuTextureAspect enum.
The GpuTextureDimension enum.
The GpuTextureFormat enum.
The GpuTextureSampleType enum.
The GpuTextureViewDimension enum.
The GpuVertexFormat enum.
The GpuVertexStepMode enum.
The GridDeclaration enum.
The GridTrackState enum.
The HardwareAcceleration enum.
The HeadersGuardEnum enum.
The HidUnitSystem enum.
The IdbCursorDirection enum.
The IdbRequestReadyState enum.
The IdbTransactionMode enum.
The ImageOrientation enum.
The IterationCompositeOperation enum.
The LatencyMode enum.
The LineAlignSetting enum.
The MediaDecodingType enum.
The MediaDeviceKind enum.
The MediaEncodingType enum.
The MediaKeyMessageType enum.
The MediaKeySessionType enum.
The MediaKeyStatus enum.
The MediaKeySystemStatus enum.
The MediaKeysRequirement enum.
The MediaSessionAction enum.
The MediaSessionPlaybackState enum.
The MediaSourceEndOfStreamError enum.
The MediaSourceEnum enum.
The MediaSourceReadyState enum.
The MediaStreamTrackState enum.
The MidiPortConnectionState enum.
The MidiPortDeviceState enum.
The MidiPortType enum.
The NavigationType enum.
The NotificationDirection enum.
The NotificationPermission enum.
The OrientationLockType enum.
The OrientationType enum.
The OscillatorType enum.
The OverSampleType enum.
The PanningModelType enum.
The ParityType enum.
The PaymentComplete enum.
The PcImplIceConnectionState enum.
The PcImplIceGatheringState enum.
The PcImplSignalingState enum.
The PcObserverStateType enum.
The PermissionName enum.
The PermissionState enum.
The PlaybackDirection enum.
The PositionAlignSetting enum.
The PremultiplyAlpha enum.
The PresentationConnectionBinaryType enum.
The PresentationConnectionClosedReason enum.
The PresentationConnectionState enum.
The PresentationStyle enum.
The ProfileTimelineMessagePortOperationType enum.
The ProfileTimelineWorkerOperationType enum.
The PublicKeyCredentialType enum.
The PushEncryptionKeyName enum.
The PushPermissionState enum.
The ReadableStreamReaderMode enum.
The ReadableStreamType enum.
The RecordingState enum.
The ReferrerPolicy enum.
The RequestCache enum.
The RequestCredentials enum.
The RequestDestination enum.
The RequestMode enum.
The RequestRedirect enum.
The ResizeObserverBoxOptions enum.
The ResizeQuality enum.
The ResponseType enum.
The RtcBundlePolicy enum.
The RtcDataChannelState enum.
The RtcDataChannelType enum.
The RtcDegradationPreference enum.
The RtcIceConnectionState enum.
The RtcIceCredentialType enum.
The RtcIceGatheringState enum.
The RtcIceTransportPolicy enum.
The RtcLifecycleEvent enum.
The RtcPriorityType enum.
The RtcRtpSourceEntryType enum.
The RtcRtpTransceiverDirection enum.
The RtcSdpType enum.
The RtcSignalingState enum.
The RtcStatsIceCandidatePairState enum.
The RtcStatsIceCandidateType enum.
The RtcStatsType enum.
The ScreenColorGamut enum.
The ScrollBehavior enum.
The ScrollLogicalPosition enum.
The ScrollRestoration enum.
The ScrollSetting enum.
The ScrollState enum.
The SecurityPolicyViolationEventDisposition enum.
The ServiceWorkerState enum.
The ServiceWorkerUpdateViaCache enum.
The ShadowRootMode enum.
The SocketReadyState enum.
The SourceBufferAppendMode enum.
The SpeechRecognitionErrorCode enum.
The SpeechSynthesisErrorCode enum.
The StorageType enum.
The SupportedType enum.
The TcpReadyState enum.
The TcpSocketBinaryType enum.
The TextTrackKind enum.
The TextTrackMode enum.
The Transport enum.
The UsbDirection enum.
The UsbEndpointType enum.
The UsbRecipient enum.
The UsbRequestType enum.
The UsbTransferStatus enum.
The UserVerificationRequirement enum.
The VideoColorPrimaries enum.
The VideoFacingModeEnum enum.
The VideoMatrixCoefficients enum.
The VideoPixelFormat enum.
The VideoTransferCharacteristics enum.
The VisibilityState enum.
The VrEye enum.
The WakeLockType enum.
The WebGlPowerPreference enum.
The WorkerType enum.
The XmlHttpRequestResponseType enum.
The XrEye enum.
The XrHandJoint enum.
The XrHandedness enum.
The XrReferenceSpaceType enum.
The XrSessionMode enum.
The XrTargetRayMode enum.
The XrVisibilityState enum.


Getter for the Window object