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The wbuf crate unifies standard IO, memory and file buffers into a unified type, allowing to effectively leave the type of buffer used to the user.

How to use

The buffers crate exposes three types; one for input, one for output, and one for duplex in/out operations. For convenience, each type has a from_arg constructor that takes in the output of a commandline parser (such as clap) and returns the buffer of the appropriate type (see the function docs for more details).

IO Read/Write traits are implemented for the types meaning you can use those wrapper types as a drop-in replacement of "regular" buffers.


use clap::{App, Arg};
use wbuf::{Input, Output};
let matches = App::new("app")
let mut input_buf = Input::from_arg(matches.value_of("input"));
let mut output_buf = Output::from_arg(matches.value_of("output"));
parse_input(&mut input_buf).and_then(|ast| transpile(ast, &mut output_buf));



Input buffer wrapper type. Wraps stdin, a read-only memory Cursor, or a readable file buffer.


Duplex I/O buffer wrapper type. Wraps stdin/stdout, a read/write Cursor, or a readable/writable file buffer.


Output buffer wrapper type. Wraps stdout, a write-only memory Cursor, or a writeable file buffer.