[][src]Struct wayland_client::protocol::wl_shm_pool::WlShmPool

pub struct WlShmPool(_);


impl WlShmPool[src]

pub fn create_buffer(
    offset: i32,
    width: i32,
    height: i32,
    stride: i32,
    format: Format
) -> Main<WlBuffer>

create a buffer from the pool

Create a wl_buffer object from the pool.

The buffer is created offset bytes into the pool and has width and height as specified. The stride argument specifies the number of bytes from the beginning of one row to the beginning of the next. The format is the pixel format of the buffer and must be one of those advertised through the wl_shm.format event.

A buffer will keep a reference to the pool it was created from so it is valid to destroy the pool immediately after creating a buffer from it.

pub fn destroy(&self)[src]

destroy the pool

Destroy the shared memory pool.

The mmapped memory will be released when all buffers that have been created from this pool are gone.

This is a destructor, you cannot send requests to this object any longer once this method is called.

pub fn resize(&self, size: i32)[src]

change the size of the pool mapping

This request will cause the server to remap the backing memory for the pool from the file descriptor passed when the pool was created, but using the new size. This request can only be used to make the pool bigger.

Trait Implementations

impl AsRef<Proxy<WlShmPool>> for WlShmPool[src]

impl Clone for WlShmPool[src]

impl Eq for WlShmPool[src]

impl From<Proxy<WlShmPool>> for WlShmPool[src]

impl From<WlShmPool> for Proxy<WlShmPool>[src]

impl Interface for WlShmPool[src]

type Request = Request

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type Event = Event

Set of events associated to this interface Read more

impl PartialEq<WlShmPool> for WlShmPool[src]

impl StructuralEq for WlShmPool[src]

impl StructuralPartialEq for WlShmPool[src]

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